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Michelle Corrales-Lewis takes the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame to new heights

Michelle Corrales-Lewis and Rich Marotta.
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Fans from around the world descended on the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame to meet four-weight world titleholder Mikey Garcia as they hosted an event for fight fans in Las Vegas.

Garcia was in attendance along with WBC boss Mauricio Sulaiman, both supporting the NVBHOF which is run by Michelle Corrales-Lewis, widow of the late former champion Diego Corrales.

“It’s the first ever interactive boxing museum and exhibit,” she said, as crowds mingled and looked at the displayed memorabilia. “What we want people to do is come in here, get familiar with boxing history, see some really good items, like original robes donated by Michael Spinks and Andre Ward, see the history of boxing in Nevada and take you on a journey with some of the pieces we have on display from all of the iconic and epic battles that happened right here in the state of Nevada.”

There is a cabinet filled with memories of Corrales, too, featuring pictures from his rivalry with Jose Luis Castillo.

“After the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame inducted Diego in their inaugural year, I got involved and I started helping and I thought, ‘Why didn’t we have a Hall of Fame?’ I thought this was the fight capital of the world, what can we do?” Michelle asked rhetorically. “And I thought I would just help with special events but here I am, six years later, I’m the CEO.

“Rich Marotta is the founder and he started this baby in 2013 and I started helping in August of 2013 and by 2014 I was running it and I became CEO two years ago.

“The dream is to continue to grow. We’re going to continue to have more and more space and have this as a must-see and must-visit experience if you come to Las Vegas. So if you’re here for a fight or even on a family vacation, come by, get in the boxing ring, throw on some gloves, hit some mitts, hit some bags and you never know which champions you’re going to run into.”

It’s been 12 years since Corrales passed away following a motorcycle accident in Vegas. Michelle has remarried but still keeps the Corrales legend alive.

“Life is good,” she said. “Diego is one of those who lived every day to the fullest, beyond the fullest. I’m remarried now. Some years later I got remarried and my current husband is very supportive of the boxing world and he understands that Diego has a legacy and he’s totally okay with me honoring that legacy because it’s not a bad one. He knows how much I love him, he also understands that I still have children with Diego, he was still a world champion and Diego wanted to give himself to the world and have his own legacy and I’m just here to continue to that.”