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Jamel Herring recalls special world title victory, the praise given from Terence Crawford and outlines future plans

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The day after, we checked in with Jamel Herring.

Mr. Herring, 12 hours after you heard the emcee say “and the newwwww,” has it sunk in?

How does it feel to be the WBO 130-pound champion, after besting Masayuki Ito on ESPN, on what would have been the 10th birthday of Ariyanah Herring, the daughter lost to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) in 2009?

Has it sunk in?

“Not quite yet,” the 33-year-old Corman, Long Island, NY native told The Ring.

Noted; so, tell us about the scene in the locker room in Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee, Florida post-fight?

“The scene in the locker room was overwhelmed with joy,” recalled Herring. “Everyone in the back was just truly proud of what had taken place last night because they all know what I had to go through just to get to that stage.”

And we all saw pound-for-pound ace Terence Crawford, who has become like a brother after Herring latched on with Crawford’s trainer Brian McIntyre, by his side as he heard “and the newwwww.”

What did Bud say to Jamel when things had quietened down?

“Bud told me afterwards that no matter anyone says, they can never say I wasn’t a world champion and that he was really happy for me,” Herring related.

And so, were corks popping, was there a crazed bash to celebrate the victory? “Nope! I spent some time with the team for a bit, but then afterwards I decided to relax and spend the rest of the night with my family,” said Herring (20-2 with 10 knockouts).

“So what’s next?” I asked, apologizing as I did so because we the people don’t do all that well smelling the roses, while others have their time savoring the aroma. Did Herring talk to Bob Arum and/or Carl Moretti about the near future?

“I spoke to Carl later on that night. Him, Bob and the team are just ecstatic! If we don’t do a unification, they’re thinking about bringing me home to New York to headline a fight, so you’re the first to know!”

My three cents: We like it when the good guys get rewarded. Herring is a good guy, so we can admit we’re not displeased that his perseverance was rewarded Saturday night.

Happy holiday weekend to him and all of you readers. Be well.

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