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Eddie Hearn: ‘Brits will love to see Joshua travel to Brooklyn to beat an American’

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On Tuesday, Eddie Hearn, group managing director of Matchroom Boxing, said he expects IBF/WBA heavyweight titlist Anthony Joshua to possibly make his long-awaited United States debut this summer in New York City and has a back-up plan, should a deal with WBC beltholder Deontay Wilder fall through.

During a press conference in New York, Hearn also announced his second U.S. promotion will feature former middleweight championship challenger Daniel Jacobs versus Maciej Sulecki in the main event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, live on HBO on April 28. The co-feature that evening will feature undefeated heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller, as he takes on former WBC title challenger Johann Duhaupas.

Hearn believes Miller is the perfect opponent for Joshua’s United States debut and said he has already begun preliminary discussions with Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark.

“For Anthony Joshua to come to Brooklyn and fight a kid out of Brooklyn for the world heavyweight title, that’s a big fight,” Hearn said. “But we need the excuse from Jarrell to make this fight and he needs to look good and win against Duhaupas. (By then) Jarrell, in his last three fights, would have beaten (Gerald) Washington, (Mariusz) Wach and Duhaupas. I think that makes him worthy of a title shot.”

Joshua, meanwhile, is focused on his own bout on March 31 against WBO titleholder Joseph Parker, in Cardiff, Wales where over 70,000 tickets were sold on their first day of availability.

“My job is to look after AJ’s future, so while he is in camp for the Parker fight, I am looking at our options for the rest of the year and beyond,” Hearn said.

Hearn said Joshua is hopeful that a deal can reached for a unification bout against Wilder but also suggested the two sides are just too far apart, at the moment.

“Deontay Wilder is currently residing on a street called ‘Fantasy Island’ and until he becomes sensible, a fight with Jarrell Miller is perfect,” Hearn said. “When you have one guy making 10 times what the other guy is making, you can’t expect to have a level playing field, financially. Then you add one of these guys, who might have three belts and one guy only has one. They have to be realistic.”

Hearn is no stranger to opponents demanding large amounts of money to fight Joshua and has said numerous times that he and Parker’s camp were also far apart before a deal was ultimately reached.

“(Parker’s team) came around and I expect Wilder to come around too but it won’t be in time for Joshua’s next bout,” Hearn added. “If all goes to plan, on March 31, AJ will ask me for Wilder and, of course, I will try to get that next, if they are interested. I feel like we have Wilder surrounded, at the moment. Dillian Whyte is about to be Wilder’s mandatory for the WBC.”

Hearn claims he offered Wilder almost twice the amount he will earn for his March 3 title defense against Luis Ortiz to fight Whyte and Wilder turned it down.

“If I were going to defend my title in a high-risk fight, like the one with Ortiz is, I would want serious money to match the risk,” Hearn said. “Wilder turned down a fight with Whyte to take less to fight Ortiz, who is very dangerous. I hope they analyzed the decision and are happy with the one they made.”

Hearn expects Wilder to stop Ortiz inside four rounds unless Wilder comes in sloppy and makes mistakes.

“That’s the worry about the Ortiz fight,” Hearn analyzed. “Ortiz can punch and is a clever counterpuncher. Wilder can get hammered by a counterpunch and Ortiz can win this fight if Wilder is not careful, which I fully expect him to be.”

Hearn fully expects Joshua’s meteoric popularity in the U.K. to translate to the U.S., once American fans see the 2012 Olympic gold medalist up close.

“Anthony Joshua is the world champion, not the British champion,” Hearn added. “AJ has to fight in the U.S., so Anthony Joshua’s United States debut is imminent in 2018. We will fill Barclays Center up with Brits and back home, they will love to see AJ travel to Brooklyn to beat up an American.”




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    Why is Danny Jacobs fighting Major Sucky?

  • Hurricane Andrew

    Wilder should focus on Ortiz. This has parallels to Sanders clobbering Wlad in 2003.

    • Adam Davies

      Maybe, but Ortiz fought two fights as an Eddie Hearn fighter and if that Ortiz shows up I expect Wilder to be okay.

      • AngelMorningstar

        I don’t I’m calling my shot now. Ortiz gonna embarrass and ko windmill.

        • ozzy

          Good idea – I’ll call my shot now too – Ortiz was appalling in those two European fights, he has a puncher’s chance but I expect Wilder to KO Ortiz before the half way point.

  • bamladen

    Translation……we’re gonna duck wilder for as long as we can. We’ll line up guys for the next two years and fight them all to avoid wilder.

    • AngelMorningstar

      Pfft fuck outta here. Wilder is almost certainly gonna lose to the juicer Ortiz. AJ? Pfft AJ would utterly smash him!

      • Floridastorm

        What evidence do you have that Wilder is going to lose to Ortiz? Why anyone thinks that Ortiz is a top heavyweight is anyone’s guess. He has fought absolutely nobody. The only comparison is Mailk Scott who was 30-0 when he faced Wilder. Wilder knocked him cold in 1 round. Ortiz then faced Scott. Ortiz won a 12 round decision over Scott even after Wilder destroyed Scott. Stiverne was a champion and undefeated when he met Wilder. Wilder took away his belt and then KO’d him in 1 round the next meeting. Arreola was an ex champion and got destroyed by Wilder. Washington was undefeated when he met Wilder and was KO’d in round 5. Wilder was waiting in Russia to fight Povetkin until Povetkin pulled out. The only breathing fighter Oriz has ever fought is Bryant Jennings and Jennings, who is not a big puncher, was on the down slope when they met. Ortiz has never fought anyone with the power and speed of Wilder. I would be surprised if Ortiz lasts past round 4 or 5.

        • Keano

          All of Wilders opponents are shit

          • Floridastorm

            I think your opinions are sheet. Keep hating Wilder. It’s all you’ve got, apparently.

          • Keano

            I don’t even hate Wilder. I want him to be good but he’s done absolutely nothing yet. He might deserve some credit after the Ortiz fight but we’ll see how it goes.

    • Keano

      Absolute bollocks Wilder duck duck ducking he doesn’t want the fight

      • bamladen

        So calling a guy out for two years is ducking now??? Why doesn’t aj step up and make the fight???

        • Keano

          Why should Joshua give around 20 million of the money HE EARNS to pay Wilder to fight? While he’s asking for 50-50 he doesn’t want the fight

      • Floridastorm

        Give me a break. Wilder has been calling out everyone. Nobody wants to fight him. Ortiz is giving it a chance as he knows he’s too old to keep fighting. I don’t know where you guys keep coming up with this crap about Wilder ducking fighters. Who has he ducked? Name one. Times up.

        • Keano

          Currently ducking Joshua. Ducked Dillian Whyte. Never called Klitsckhos name. Shouting bum squad and someone’s name like a twat in an interview doesn’t mean you want a fight, negotiations show that.

  • Keano

    Ortiz KO……Printing free money at the bookies

  • Stash One


    Joshua mentioned going stateside while he was in the ring after the Takam fight, the whole crowd boo’d, he said “Maybe not then”

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Lennox Lewis never lost a fight on American soil since his amateur days in the Indianapolis Pan Am Games in 1987 where he was defeated by Cuban Jorge Luis Gonzales in the super heavyweight finals. Lennox though suffered his only two pro defeats to Americans Oliver McCall in UK and Hashjm Rahman in South Africa which he later avenged in bouts held in the USA.
    Can Anthony Joshua duplicate or top that record and feat by coming out unbeaten against American fighters on US ring? The probability is high since his only real American opposition is Wilder. Hearn figures the American ring is ripe for another British invasion.

  • Crowley

    And the dodging continues from coward moneybags Glass-Jawsua and his handler. Pathetic. There’s only one fight, the winner of Wilder/Ortiz. Stop dodging already, what a overblown candyass.

    • ozzy

      You’re talking total shite – when did Wilder take on Wlad or anybody with a fucking pulse? He’s taking on Ortiz because he knows from his 2 European fights that he can beat him.
      Joshua took on and beat Wlad in his 19th fight why would Hearn dodge Wilder who can’t throw a proper punch?

      If Joshua beats Parker he’ll have 3 world titles, and as he can fill arenas with 90,000 fans whenever he fights, he’s the guy who makes the money whereas Wilder can’t get the backing to win a purse bid against Povetkin! The simple fact is Joshua is the A-side by a country mile and Wilder’s fair share is nowhere near 50:50. The cancer in boxing are casuals like you who don’t know their arse from their fucking elbow, who spout bullshit because they’re too bigoted and lazy to bother with the facts. If Joshua-Wilder doesn’t happen it’ll have nothing to do with cowardice it’ll be bcoz Wilder is as deluded as you are!

      • Crowley

        All you people ever talk about is the old Klitschko. It’s sad. And the fact that you get so angry just proves that I’m right about Glass-Jawsua. Rocky Marciano beat Joe Louis in 1951, everyone thought it was unfair, Louis was old. But he was 38, Klitschko was 41. Aging body – It’s science, sorry.

        Be that as it may, Glass-Jawsua still dodging. He’s dodged Ortiz before, he’s dodged Wilder before. Now he can dodge them both together. Keep fighting bums and senior citizens. Stay away from both Wilder and Ortiz. Can’t risk daddy Hearn losing his prized cash cow. Why care about unification, respect and wanting to beat the best when you can care about making money for daddy Hearn right? And dodge some scary fellows at the same time.

        • Keano

          He’s already unifying you thick cunt

          • Crowley

            Aaah this 🙂 I love this. This attitude, this anger, this love. When he goes down like a sack of potatoes and the fraud is forever exposed as the overprotected novice he is, man it’s gonna be so sweet. For someone with no head movement, he sure is skilled at dodging. He’s dodged Wilder, he’s dodged Ortiz. Now he’s dodging them both at once.

            He can fight either Wilder or Ortiz, one of them will have the belt next weekend. But instead daddy Hearn choses some unknown nobody. Funny isn’t it? You see Deontay talking about fighting anyone, beating everyone. Daddy Hearn, who speaks for Glass-Jawsua, is talking about risks and analysis. It’s so cute 🙂 They’ll take his cash cow away when they pry it from his cold, dead hands. And the fans keep cheering for this charlatan. I lament the state of heavyweight boxing due to Glass-Jawsua and Daddy Hearn. Even his fans are arguing about money now, quite incredible.

          • Keano

            You’re mentally deficient KYS