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Brandon Rios wants to prove vs. Danny Garcia he’s ‘still one of the best out there’

Scott Hirano/SHOWTIME

LOS ANGELES — Brandon Rios was written off. Hell, he’d written himself off.

That was after his last meaningful fight, a November 2015 bout title challenge of Timothy Bradley. Rios was listless in the ring and didn’t win a single round before Bradley finished him — and his career — with a body barrage in Round 9.

Rios, then 29, retired during the post-fight press conference and said he no longer had the desire to train.

He’d consistently showed up to camp out of shape, and was forced to use his training sessions as much to cut weight as prepare for his opponent.

The retirement was short-lived, and the action fighter was back in action in June 2016 with a knockout victory over journeyman Aaron Herrera. Now Rios steps back to the elite level with a February 17 assignment against former two-division champion Danny Garcia, and following a long layoff and so many wars, it’s a wonder if he’ll be able to hang on this level.

“Everybody knows my style. I’m not here to dance, I’m coming to fight,” Rios, whose first two bouts with Mike Alvarado are among the best of the past 10 years, said at Tuesday’s news conference. “I’m going in there with my heart out to show the world that I’m still one of the best out there.

“I feel strong and I feel rejuvenated. My body needed some rest because all of my fights are wars. It took a toll on my body and now I feel as good as ever. I’m ready to show the world a different Brandon Rios.”

To prove he’s indeed a different man, Rios (34-3-1, 25 knockouts) revealed he weighed just 157 pounds Tuesday, only 10 more than he’ll need to weight a day before he meets Garcia (33-1, 25 KOs) in Las Vegas for the Showtime Championship Boxing main event.

He’ll need to be at his sharpest to combat Garcia’s sharp counterpunching and superior skills, even if the A-side is coming off a close loss to Keith Thurman in March.

One win, and Rios will no longer be an afterthought in a star-studded division. He’ll be right in the thick of it for even bigger fights.

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  • TeddyTruth

    Why??? Dumb Weak B.S. Who cares. Stop with these retreads.

    • Giuseppe

      perfect, yes!

  • wrecksracer

    Does anybody really think that a shop worn Rios even has a chance in this fight? How old is he? 42? Is this even exhibition level? A sparring session? Maybe they should wear giant gloves and clown shoes. Plus the winner gets a shot at Thurman after Porter. Thurman needs to fight Spence and then Crawford, not Porter and then Garcia.

    • H.O.

      Bam Bam is in his early 30s. That being said, no, he probably won’t win.

      • Ten Count Toronto

        The age was rather easy look-up – although in Coppinger’s defense Rios did look every bit a 39-year old in the Bradley fight so it was a logical assumption – but that’s why you due basic research as a matter of procedure.

    • Giuseppe

      the real question is, why the fuck do today’s boxers need a comeback fight from a fairly well contested loss in which they didnt take a beating? i hope garcia loses and his inactivity bites him in the bollocks. it wont happen as brandon rios is basically an everlast bag with a head. part of the reason the thurman/garcia fight was so dull and cautious, i believe, is that these guys dont fight enough to find a comfort and confidence in their own abilities the way fighters of the past did. because they dont box frequently enough, they dont have enough top level training camps, where the real development and learning under pressure happens. imagine if a concert pianist only played once a year. prepared once a year. they’d be rusty. or imagine if, at his peak, federer played one tennis match a year, he wouldn’t be sharp and ready to reach a new level. instead, these guys play all year round and go through the gruelling work and learn on the job. otherwise they’d stagnate and decline. yes, yes, federer doesnt get punched in the face etc but its boxing, you know, that sport where you have to fucking fight! ironically because these guys fight less and less, they put themselves under more and more pressure not to lose and it fucks them up.

  • Luca Blight

    Brandon “Bum Bum” Rios

  • Giuseppe

    In terms of ‘proof’ that he’s one of the best… this will have to be ‘OJ’s glove’ level evidence.

  • Charlie U.

    Danny continues to take the path of least resistance.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      At the same time, the Garcia standard for a stay-busy fight is so low, one could actually make a case this choice of opponent slightly exceeds expectations!

  • Angel

    Rios is not 39 as the article states, he’s 31. He’s gonna get KTFO inside 6. Joke of a fight, I hope the stars align and he can land a lucky punch and win though.

    • Ten Count Toronto

      Took Garcia 7 rounds to get rid of Samuel Vargas so I would expect Rios to last at least a little longer and maybe the entire distance. Rios is probably too small and used up to really be threat in this fight but if Garcia wants to get him out of there he’ll need to display an urgency which has been absent in recent years.


      Angel, why are you rooting against your own son Danny?

  • Lion king

    Easy decision for Garcia

  • Cashtime

    This is borderline pitiful. Rios quit/retired after losing to Bradly. He said over and over that he doesn’t have it anymore. So this is purely for money and Danny should be ashamed of himself. I mean this fight does nothing, proves nothing, and is nothing but a pitiful waste of time, not to mention it will put Rios closer to permanent brain damage.