Tuesday, March 20, 2018  |


Fight Facts podcast, ep. 7


Photo by Emily Harney

Sweet science pundits Joe Santoliquito, aka “Philly Joe,” and Michael Woods, aka “Brooklyn Mike,” dig up fresh news and dish spicy opinion on all facets of the fight game in this fast-moving boxing podcast. Yes, expect Philly-style decorum and Brooklyn-type diplomacy while they rap about the big bouts and famed fighters.

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  • Joey Junger

    I’d prefer to actually see McGregor vs. Malignaggi, since there’s already some bad blood between them based on that sparring session. No, Paulie doesn’t have anywhere near the name recognition of De La Hoya, but you can’t fool all the people all the time anyway, and a circus with a marquee name is still less intriguing than the potential for a competitive fight between two men who already have some history/a backstory. I also don’t think De La Hoya can get rid of McGregor in two, since his main asset was always that blistering jab, and that thing was already ponderous and losing spark back when he fought Mayweather. Also, even though De La Hoya is the big-time promoter, it was his youth (and his crossover appeal to female fans) that sold him, and he can’t talk up a storm like Paulie, especially now that the Golden Boy is closer to being a golden geriatric.