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Oleksandr Usyk stops Marco Huck in Round 10, moves on to WBSS semifinals

Oleksandr Usyk (left) and challenger Marco Huck. Photo by Mark Hermenau / World Boxing Super Series


The first bout of the World Boxing Super Series is in the books, and while it delivered action, it went exactly as expected.

Oleksandr Usyk, the No. 1 seed in the single-elimination cruiserweight tournament and also THE RING’s top 200-pounder, pounded Marco Huck and stopped him in Round 10 on Saturday in Berlin.

The Olympic gold medalist was laying an absolute beating on the former champion when referee Robert Byrd finally grabbed Huck and saved him from further damage at 2:18.

Usyk (13-0, 11 knockouts) retained his WBO title in the victory, the third defense of the belt he won from Krzysztof Glowacki in September 2016. The 30-year-old Ukrainian will move on to the semifinals, slated for either January or February, and meet the winner of the quarterfinal bout between No. 3 seed Mairis Briedis and Mike Perez on September 30.

For Huck, it’s clearly the end of the line. He’s now lost three of his last five bouts (the others to Glowacki and Briedis) and after so much wear and tear; so many crowd-thrilling battles, if he continues to fight on, he’ll simply be a stepping stone. A name opponent for a prospect on the rise.

But Usyk appears to be the cream of the cruiserweight crop.

He landed at will from the opening bell with a plethora of power shots from all angles. Huck (40-5-1, 27 KOs) took it well but never was able to sustain any offense. Instead, he was selective with his spots and threw one punch at a time. Most of those punches were picked off by Usyk’s high guard.

Huck’s best shot of the night was a looping right hand that connected in Round 4, but all Usyk could do was laugh. He then answered with a counter chopping right and followed up with about a six-punch combination that sent the German reeling.

Most of Huck’s shots were pushed, not snapped, and it appeared Usyk could end the fight at any time. After a few brutal rounds, he finally did in Round 10 with Huck trying desperately to hang on for one more round; for one more fight in an impressive career that made him a star in Europe.

It’s all over for Huck, 32, as a contender now. And Usyk will march on in an attempt to prove he’ll be the last man standing in May when the WBSS wraps up.

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  • ceylon mooney

    the best of the two baddest weight classes get it on the same night hell yes

    i want perez to win but on paper it aint happenin.

    • Giovanni Hordijk

      He might win it against Breidis, Perez has been fighting good opponents at heavyweight being grossly out of shape.

      • left hook

        Breidis is the truth. I am a fan and I see him beating Perez.

      • ceylon mooney

        i like the wild card situation. hard to know what to expect.

  • wrecksracer

    Did they ever line up an American network to show these fights? I ended up watching a German stream….and no, I don’t speak German.

    • David Morris

      No.. they ended up showing a live stream on their website which crashed! People on Twitter were kicking off about it all, it cut off in the 5th round I think I ended up finding a russian stream on YouTube which worked for me!

      • Harry

        I think it was Ukrainian. Inter, right? I watched the fight on that channel two, even though it was broadcast live on the Match channel in Russia.

    • Kudos

      HBO and Showtime etc show a lot of shite yet pass this up. Don’t get it.

  • Abraham E. Hernández

    Usyk: Absolute monster.

    • Harry

      with no power

      • Kudos

        Wonder how many forums and youtube videos you’ve copied an pasted this shite.

        • Harry

          That’s my opinion. Usyk is an excellent boxer, but he is not a formidable puncher, that’s just a fact. His power is mediocre for his body frame and constitution.

          • Kudos

            Are you black?

          • Harry

            No, I am Russian and you?

          • Kudos

            You’re not Russian. Blyad

          • Harry

            Poshel na hui, dolboyeb

          • Harry

            You are a pizdabol

  • Big Chris

    Usyk deserves to be P4P top 10. Especially now that Chocolatito is out. He destroys elite opposition in their own backyards and make them look like complete bums. I can see him challenging Joshua once he captures the Cruseirweight trophy. Any heavyweight will be in trouble with this man’s work rate and footwork. When he let his hands go is like you are seeing a taller and heavier Calzaghe in the ring. If he was black from Detroit, fans would now be saying he’s the GOAT cruseirweight already.

    • Harry

      I agree with your point about Usyk’s excellent footwork and work rate; I’d also add superb physique, stamina and cardio – he was fresher in Round 10 than in Round 1. But his power really sucks and his chin is suspect. Beterbiev floored him in amateur ranks with headgear on, so it will be interesting to see him with Cruiserweight Tyson Dmitry Kudryashov who has absolutely monstrous power in his left hook. If he lands one clean it will be good-bye, Sasha (Usyk). However, Kudryashov has terrible footwork and stamina issues. So he’ll have to knock out Usyk during the initial 4-5 rounds. If not then he will be stopped like Huck later on.

      • Kudos

        You’re a complete moron, it was a body shot that dropped him. Even if it was a head shot so what? People get dropped, boxing fans like you are the worst. He has perfectly good power, stop making out he’s Paulie.

        • Harry

          I did not insult you, to begin with. Every fighter has strengths and weaknesses. You are correct: Beterbiev used a body shot to drop him, but the very fact that he went down even in amateur ranks and that he does not have ko power are his weaknesses. Nevertheless, Usyk has superb stamina and cardio, amazing work rate in the ring, solid defense, terrific footwork, well-educated jab. This is already more than enough to beat most of the guys. Yet his weaknesses suggest that he is beatable by fighters who can crack like Gassiev or Kudryashov. Just for the sake of comparison: Golovkin, Canelo and Lomachenko were never floored in their carrier.

          • Kudos

            Danny Jacobs almost got stopped by Sergio Mora ffs, using your logic he has no chin and GGG should’ve ran straight through him right. … Uysk can punch

          • Harry

            Jacobs bulked up for the purpose: to increase punch resistance. GGG could go for a kill in 4th, but he preferred to box Danny for 12 rounds. Usyk slaps more than he punches. His shots are not sharp enough to drop his opponents or to separate them from their senses. He does not have the right technique of throwing punches, should sit more on his punches.

    • Reggie Woodard

      Loma and GGG aren’t black nor are they from Detroit(or the USA for that matter) and they are both highly ranked by pretty much everyone so cut the racial bullshit out. Do you have some weird obsession with American blacks or are you insecure about your own manhood and need to resort to bottom feeding race nonsense to hide it?

  • Andrii Matiash

    Usyk easily win the tournament. Weakly give № 10 Р4Р?

    • Kudos

      He’s a P4P level talent, U.S not interested in cruiserweight because they’re put off by guys with funny sounding foreign names and no American talent in the division.

  • Mike M.

    Its too bad Yoan Pablo Hernandez isn’t around anymore to be in this mix. Cruiserweight might be the best division in boxing right now, and its also been one of my favorites to follow. These little big men deserve more exposure!

  • Harry

    I’d like to see Usyk vs Briedis and Gassiev vs Kudryashov as two semifinals. If Gassiev can take Kudryashov’s power in opening rounds he should win and then fight Usyk in the finals. In this latter pair I think Usyk will win. However strange it may seem, the only man capable of beating Usyk is Kudryashov because of sheer power. Usyk’s usiks (meaning “whiskers” in Russian) won be able to take Dmitry’s left hook.