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Conor McGregor predicts second-round KO if 8 oz. gloves approved

Photo / Esther Lin-SHOWTIME
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The Nevada State Athletic Commission is set to hear and consider the possibility of allowing Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor compete in their 154-pound showdown on August 26 using 8 oz. gloves rather than the standard 10 oz. gloves. The idea came across when Mayweather suggested it on social media after McGregor stated that he was used to fighting in mixed martial arts with 4 oz. gloves.

“He said that he’s used to fighting in 4 oz. gloves, but I said in my post on social media that I want to give him any advantage that he can have,” the undefeated Mayweather said during a media workout last Thursday.

But upon hearing the news, McGregor says that if the gloves are approved, he will change his prediction on how the fight will end. And it won’t be anything favorable to Mayweather.

“If we go to 8 oz. gloves, he’ll be unconscious inside of two rounds. Really, one round,” McGregor said during his media workout on Friday. “I’m going to knock him out. He’s too small. I know he’s fast and experienced but I don’t care. I hit you and you fall.”

McGregor has brimmed with confidence that he will send Mayweather back into retirement with a 49-1 record on August 26 despite never competing in a professional boxing match. But the Irishman explained that he has always had a foundation in boxing.

“I have been lacing up the gloves my entire existence,” the UFC lightweight champion said. “Of course, we will come with a different approach than people are used to. We will paint many pictures inside of the ring.”

McGregor said that his mixed martial arts background will utilize movement that will keep Mayweather off-balance throughout their fight. This isn’t the first time that McGregor has made a bold prediction. As a matter of fact, those predictions coming to fruition have become part of his persona. Back in 2015, McGregor predicted exactly how he would end the 10-year undefeated streak of then-UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo. Thirteen seconds into their main event featherweight title fight at UFC 194, that bold prediction materialized with Aldo eating a counter left hand and being put to sleep.

Although his training has been uncharacteristic of a boxing camp, McGregor said that you can laugh at his style now, but you will have to respect him later.

“I don’t know how many times they label me a joker and then the poor guy who is facing me is left unconscious,” he said.

Photos by Esther Lin / Showtime