Monday, February 26, 2018  |


Rabbit Punches podcast, Episode 5


This is Episode No. 5 of “Rabbit Punches,” a podcast featuring THE RING Magazine Editor Michael Rosenthal and U.K. Correspondent Tom Gray. This week, Michael and Tom discuss the Mayweather-McGregor world tour. They also talk about boxing, including Miguel Berchelt’s victory over Takashi Miura and the career of recent retiree Robert Guerrero.


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  • Matthew Barlow

    Love the blurb!

  • Tom Gray

    All the way through a lovely tribute to Robert Guerrero, only to call him ROBERT GARCIA at the end of it. Damn it!!! My sincere apologies to The Ghost and his fans. My words were heartfelt.

  • Mike White

    This is a joke! Would love to see someone kick Mayweather’s butt though.

  • Stephen M

    Interesting take on Mayweather. I imagine that in 20 years he will be treated more kindly than he is now.

  • Salamu