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Victor Conte speaks on Daniel Jacobs’ fight weight

Photo / Tom Hogan-K2 Promotions
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Danny Jacobs is well within his rights on choosing not to step on a scale this morning for the IBF, which demands champs and challengers gain not an ounce over 10 pounds to the weight limit in their class.

The Brooklyn boxer has drawn scorn in some circles for going the same route as David Lemieux, who gave up a claim on an IBF minor middleweight crown two weeks ago, when he blew off the morning of weigh-in before fighting Curtis Stevens. Worked for Lemieux; he showed pop galore in dropping and stopping Stevens. Can Jacobs utilize a weight advantage in the same manner? His team hopes so.

That includes ex-BALCO ringleader Victor Conte, now working on the right side of the law as a nutrition and supplement consultant.

“I predict Danny will be between 178-180 when he steps into the ring. He was at 176 at 8 a.m. this morning. Don’t be surprised if Danny does very well this evening. He had a tremendous training camp on the west coast. He spent the last four weeks of his training camp at my SNAC training facility in San Carlos, California. He is in the best shape of his life. He will be huge tonight when he steps into the ring! Danny will be big, fast and powerful. We will soon see how this all plays out.”

Conte said he knew Friday night Jacobs would not be doing the morning of weight check, for the record.

Indeed. Smartly played, perhaps, on paper by Jacobs. He can win four other belts off Golovkin tonight, so missing one wouldn’t wreck his mood.

Now, should the sport be allowing one man to be a cruiserweight and his foe a super middleweight on fight night? I would say ideally no. Maybe time for all the sanctioning bodies to follow the IBF and institute the day of weight cap. Then again, a fighter could still gain a bunch of weight in the 12 hours between the morning and late night start of their bout.

In short, this is boxing, problems are easy to find, solutions less so.