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Jacobs skips second-day weigh-in, sparks rumors of gamesmanship

Photo by: Ed Mulholland/HBO
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Danny Jacobs skipped the IBF’s second-day, required weigh-in on Saturday morning, adding another layer of intrigue to his middleweight championship with Gennady Golovkin tonight at Madison Square Garden on HBO PPV.

Because of Jacobs’ actions, he will be unable to win Golovkin’s IBF title as only Golovkin’s WBA and WBC 160-pound titles will be on the line. Jacobs, who usually struggles to make weight, safely weighed in at 159.8 pounds during Friday’s weigh-in and admitted to having an easier time making weight for this occasion. Golovkin tipped the scales at 159.6 pounds on Friday and weighed 169.6 pounds on Saturday morning, within the IBF’s 170-pound limit for the same-day weigh-in. As a result, Jacobs won’t have to pay the IBF sanctioning fees for the privilege of fighting for their title.

“Golovkin is defending his IBF title,” said IBF Championships Chairman Lindsey Tucker in a press release. “However, Jacobs cannot acquire the title with a victory because he did not participate in the required IBF same-day weigh-in.”

Jacobs skipping the second weigh-in sparked suggestion on social media he was engaging in gamesmanship with Golovkin’s side, who would now have to guess how heavy and how much bigger Jacobs may come in for the fight. But it’s believed that strategy and maneuvering wasn’t a motivation inasmuch as it was a desire to take the burden off Jacobs of having to worry about another weigh-in so he could use the final 24 hours to relax and focus on the bout.