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RingTV.com to host official online Golovkin-Jacobs pay-per-view show

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If you are so inclined on Saturday, you can watch the Gennady Golovkin versus Daniel Jacobs middleweight showdown and its supporting bouts on a platform that was not previously an option for a major pay-per-view event such as this.

Right here. Yep, on the RingTV.com website.

Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, the premium Pay-Per-View event of Golovkin vs. Jacobs will be offered via live stream, giving fans the opportunity to watch this mega-fight on the device of their choice, read the official press release sent from Golden Boy Promotions – owner of RingTV.com and THE RING magazine brand – on Tuesday.

“For years, we have been heavily investing in technology and platforms that will allow a new generation of fans – those who want to view fights or any other content where they want to, when they and how they want to – access to our sport,” stated Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya, ID’d as “Chairman of Ring Magazine and Ring TV” in the press release.

According to the release, Saturday’s pay-per-view live stream event on www.ringtv.com can be pre-ordered and will be available for all U.S.-based users for $64.99. It will include all four Pay-Per-View fights on the Golovkin vs. Jacobs card: WBC 115-pound titleholder and THE RING’s No. 1-pound-for-pound-rated Roman Gonzalez (46-0, 38 KOs) vs. mandatory challenger Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (41-4-1, 38 KOs), former WBC super flyweight champ Carlos Cuadras (35-1-1, 27 KOs) vs. former world title challenger David Carmona (20-3-5, 8 KOs), and top lightweight prospects Ryan Martin (17-0, 10 KOs) vs. Bryant Cruz (17-1, 8 KOs) in a scheduled 10 rounder.

Cool, eh?

I mean, you all know if you read me that I think the PPV model is what it is, it has upsides (mostly for the athletes commanding the XXL payday if the event succeeds) and downsides (for the fans who have to dig deeper into their pocket to watch premium fare). And there are a bunch of reasons for the model being what it is, including the fact that boxing is a red light district sport, which doesn’t attract more of the masses, because of its violent DNA, and thus, an “all things to everyone” setup as enjoyed by NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL isn’t right for the sweet science.

That aside, back to pragmatic matters…

You can order the PPV, and watch it on the computer, or on a screen which is linked to what is on your computer screen.

Tom Loeffler of K2 is the promoter of the fighting pride of Kazahkstan, Golovkin, who some believe is among the all-time greats at middleweight, but hasn’t received that across the board designation because this is a weak era for middleweights. I asked Loeffler about this setup, about this event being made available on RingTV.com, which is owned by Golden Boy Promotions, which is not part of the Saturday event.

Loeffler told me that he made a deal to place the event on RingTV.com, just the official website for THE RING magazine, as an adjunct platform, to go with the myriad cable and satellite providers/partners.

“For the people who don’t have satellite or cable they can order the fight,” Loeffler told RingTV.com.

Has this availability been in place previously? Available on a platform that isn’t related to either HBO or K2 or one of the cable or satellite providers? “We did a deal with Ring to provide that service for our fight,” he said.

My take: I like the widening of availability, the embrace of digital and acknowledgement that digital is here and now and only becoming more of the norm. (You see both Showtime and now HBO making more of a digital push, and this is a no brainer, as the younger ones seek portability and easy availability and on-demand viewing, on whatever screen they happen to be near.)

I like that this deal is being done among people not directly working together on this event; too often, boxing doesn’t feature a spirit of cooperation that often results in a “rising tide lifts all ships” bump in business.

“RingTV.com is dedicated to partnering with any and all promoters in an effort to bring their premium events to demanding sports fans across the globe,” stated David Tetreault, COO of Ring Magazine and RingTV, in Tuesday’s press release.

Lastly, it may bode well that we see K2 and a Golden Boy subsidiary working together in this fashion and arena. It could hint that smooth sailing is on the horizon if and when they get to making a Golovkin (K2) versus Canelo Alvarez (GBP) clash in September, if both Golovkin and Canelo take care of other business between now and then.