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Arum accuses Salido of cold feet for Lomachenko rematch

Photo by: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Those hoping for a sequel to Vasyl Lomachenko’s close loss to Orlando Salido in 2014 will have to wait after promoter Bob Arum accused Salido of getting cold feet for a rematch.

“Orlando Salido chickened out,” Arum told on Tuesday. “It’s the only way to say it. He asked for crazy money. We agreed to the crazy money. And then he says, ‘No.’ He’d just assume not take the fight. Why? Because he knows he can’t beat (Lomachenko). It was a fluke the first time. So, there’s no other way to paint it. Orlando Salido chickened out of the fight because whatever his demands were, we met those financial demands and then he let us know he’s not interested in the fight.”

Sean Gibbons, who manages Salido, laughed off Arum’s comments, saying the negotiations just fell apart and that no one got cold feet. “Using Orlando’s name and chicken in the same sentence — that’s ludicrous,” Gibbons said in a phone interview. “Olando has never chickened out of any fight. We had good talks with Bob. I thought we had come to some kind of an agreement. It just didn’t seem to work. Orlando Salido wants to give the fans the fights they want. And I don’t hear any fans clamoring for Salido-Lomachenko.”

Gibbons believes fans would rather see a rematch of the June 4 war involving 130-pound titleholder Francisco Vargas and Salido than against Lomachenko, who lost a split decision to an overweight Salido in a rough, physical affair. “Things didn’t work out,” Gibbons said. “Orlando voiced to me, ‘Hey, why do I want to fight a guy in Lomachenko who I know is going to run, grab and hold when I can go Mexican-to-Mexican with Francisco Vargas and give the people what they really want see. The only guys who want to see Lomachenko — are Lomachenko.”

Arum declined to get into specifics on Salido’s demands and Gibbons also declined to get into dollar amounts. As a result, Lomachenko (7-1, 5 knockouts) will look for another opponent for the first quarter of 2017 on HBO, which is considering dates in March or April for the gifted Ukrainian 130-pound titleholder. “Lomachenko will fight in March,” Arum said. “Carl (Moretti, VP of Top Rank) is looking for an opponent and we’re looking toward the end of March.”

Salido, for his part, is chasing the rematch with Vargas and won’t know his plans until after Jan. 28, when Vargas defends his junior lightweight title against Miguel Berchelt, according to Gibbons.

  • The Black Mamba

    What da fook is Salido demanding? Mayweather purses?

    • We are firemen!

      Arum agreed to it no excuse.

    • Julio

      Guy knows he is going to get his clock cleaned which will diminish whatever stock he has left even further. By taking on a physical guy, Salido always will have a shot at looking good winning or losing and stay in the mix for more fights until his body finally betrays him. If he gets wiped out by Loma (which I think would be the case) his career is essentially over at this stage. He is just trying to extend whatever he has left in the tank.

      • The Black Mamba

        I agree, but his career is getting shorter anyways and a grueling fight with Francisco Vargas could be his last one. If he gets the same money for fighting Vargas as he gets fighting Lomachenko, I would probably do it Salido-style.

        • Julio

          Right, but if he gets completely outclassed and eventually knocked out (and I believe that Lomachenko not only would school him this time, but also punish him into submission) then he’d rather go out on his shield fighting someone on even terms than being embarrassed and get manhandled on top of all that.

  • The Black Mamba

    What da fook is Salido demanding? Mayweather purses?

  • cawaterguy

    Berchelt will be tough for Vargas. I don’t see Vargas winning that fight.

    • Danny Perez

      Agreed, I also think Berchelt will be too hungry too young for the battle worn Vargas.

    • Rosalino Sanchez Felix

      I can see EL ALACRAN winning with a stoppage due to cuts…I still favor experience in this one tho

  • No shocker. Can’t make him fight. Oh well.

  • JA

    Very disappointed but it certainly seems the thinking is “why fight a guy whose difficult when I don’t have to?”

  • Chris Stans

    My optimism for 2017 is already starting to fade

  • ceylon mooney

    it wasnt a
    fluke the first time.


    but loma will own that in the rematch. i still wanta
    see it. man. THAT was my second favorite almost fight (wilder-povetkin bein #1).

  • ceylon mooney

    arum is full of
    shit so who knows.

  • Rosalino Sanchez Felix

    Salido is no chicken, Vargas fight, both will look good, Loma fight, Salido will be embarrassed

  • Chuckss Joness

    Salido don’t get NO cold feet.

  • Autosmell

    whens the last time you saw a chico run from a pecker wood??? Stop it bob!

    • Doob13Ashstray


      • Autosmell


  • kiowhatta

    I can’t blame him, or any other fighter for getting ‘cold feet’ at the prospect of going in against Loma. After his total demolition of Walters, It seems Loma is improving exponentially, and is one of the best all round fighter’s on the planet. I think Salido knows he will be humiliated, as Loma, as one might expect, would be extra motivated to avenge his only loss in a manner that would attempt to erase the memory of that close decision in anyone’s mind.

  • peter fr

    that cause he’s done come on that many wars why would you want a rematch against someone you know your going to lose to

  • Ten Count Toronto

    Move on. Salido had his chance and passed on it, Punking him out is as good as beating him in my bools. I’m over it. Lets have Lomachenko-Corrales in Q1 of 2017.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    Salido knows Arum will only use him in a desperate bid to make Loma a crossover pay per view star in which he fell short in his past tries with Rocky Martinez and even Nicholas Walters. Salido knows his career is going well with his Fight of the Year with Bandido Vargas. Why spoil it with a fight against somebody who will gain more out of it than him regardless of the result? I think Salido will profit more career and legacy wise with a rematch vs Vargas or even Mikey Garcia at lightweight if Mikey win a world title there. Arum was acting like a boy deprived of his lollipop.

  • Teddy Reynoso

    The first Loma fight did not do much to boost Salido’s stock despite his win. In fact it has become a deadweight until Siri proved that he is still a force in his succeeding fights especially the last one versus Francisco Vargas. Salido is on the up, why risk it in a potentially another contentious fight with Loma where people will continue to have their say regardless.

  • Michel Desgrottes

    I love Loma but that wasn’t a fluke, but he would whup salido in the rematch

  • Oc

    ““Using Orlando’s name and chicken in the same sentence — that’s ludicrous,”” Gibbons said”….that is insane, utter-batsh#t nonsense, fully delusional and by no means a correct statement to make….that’s what I say. The though of winning, losing or drawing does not/has never stopped Salido signing the dotted line. Period. A mo’ money ploy it sounds to me…if it happens good, if it doesn’t…well, something else will come along for Loma, no worries. Salido is still ultra tough but Loma is the mover ‘n’ shaker in that division and no one expects the young gun to lose to the old war horse this time around, so no loss. On wards and upwards for young Vasyl.

  • Shawn

    I’d love to watch Salido v Loma.

    I don’t see Gibbons disputing Salido being offered “CRAZY MONEY ”

    So now it’s got nothing to do with MONEY and only what the fans want ?

  • Shawn

    From interviews I’ve watched and how Loma is going about his career, Vasyl should be given a top honor award, for fighter with the highest expectations of himself.

    The heart of a man reveals the man.

    A Crown is only temporary, however, Legacy endures for generations, Loma understand this, therefore he’s willing to challenge himself at the highest level.
    Money is a byproduct and the icing on the cake.

  • Al Del

    He (Loma) should just make a fight with Vargas.. if Salido aint wanting any then he should just bypass Salido and go straight to Vargas. And see how much Salido still wants to fight Loma’s leftovers.. it’ll probably force the rematch IMO,.