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Conor McGregor dances to his own beat at UFC 205 final presser

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NEW YORK CITY – What Floyd Mayweather Jr. is to boxing, the “Notorious” Conor McGregor is to the UFC.

Like his boxing counterpart, the cash cow of MMA is often times very late for media events and fight-week obligations. Thursday’s final press conference for UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden this Saturday was no different.

The Irish superstar showed up 30 minutes late to the news conference at The Theatre inside Madison Square Garden – which frustrated his opponent Eddie Alvarez to the point that the UFC lightweight champ stormed off the stage. After dancing onto the stage in a pimp style fur coat, McGregor then danced over to Alvarez’s side of the dais and grabbed his lightweight belt.

Then all hell broke loose for about two minutes.

(Warning: profanity used in video)

With the heavyly Irish-populated crowd going crazy, McGregor, showman that he is, stood by his chair on the stage and took in the moment as if he was the king of New York. Once he sat down, McGregor barked out “Stop right now because I just don’t give f***!” to raucous crowd approval.

This entire scene obviously didn’t sit well with Alvarez when he returned to the stage. The champion calmly grabbed his title back and a scrum ensued, with UFC president Dana White caught between the two fighters while security officers rushed the stage.

Things seemed to be dying down when Alvarez slid his chair behind White and McGregor’s which caused the Irishmen to react by picking the chair up and threaten to throw it at the champion.

After calming down, McGregor yelled into the microphone “I wonder how much that chair would have cost me,” referring to his water bottle tossing incident prior to fighting Nate Diaz at UFC 202, which resulted in the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) hitting him with a $150,000 fine and 50 hours of community service.

Wait, there’s more.

With White literally arms length away from him, the reigning featherweight champion did his best Mayweather impersonation by stating who’s the real face of the UFC and thus calls his own shots.

“I operate on my time,” McGregor said. “I operate on my own time.”