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Could you knock Roy Jones Jr. out for $100,000?

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Roy Jones Jr. was the best boxer on the planet back in the day. But the day was many moons ago.

Today, the living legend is fighting on but the stakes are decidedly different.

On March 20, Jones will be fighting a fan in an exhibition match. The boxer filmed a video inviting Joe or, I guess, Jane Blow to submit a bid to fight him.

The fans will choose the Joe and that “winner” will fight Jones Jr in Phoenix March 20. And the lucky being can win $100,000 – if he or she drops and stops him.

Right…In other words that $100,000 ain’t going nowhere.

Jones, age 47, was dropped and stopped in his last outing, by Enzo Maccarinelli in England, in December.

Jones turned pro in 1989 and, between 1993-2003, he was often the best, pure pugilist on the planet.

Today, he’s a guy doing what he knows and loves best: fighting.


Michael Woods has been preparing for this day for years. See? He told you that bottle of chloroform in the shoe box hidden in the garage would come in handy one of these days…



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