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Floyd Mayweather Jr. talks comeback

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I looked but I still haven’t found a single soul not directly affiliated with Floyd Mayweather Jr. who believed him when he said he was retiring following his anti-climactic adios fight against Andre Berto last year.
This is because boxers are only fully retired when they are ensconced in a coffin and, also, because we semi-cynics presumed the possibility that the retirement angle was just that, an angle, and Floyd merely planned a hiatus, not a permanent vacation.
All this doubt and speculation seems more grounded in reality, hearing the words Mayweather, 38, dispensed to videographer Elie Seckbach on Saturday night in LA: “The other day, I tried to tell myself, ‘You want to fight again’…I still don’t have the urge…I tried to force myself to tell myself that I wanted to fight again…As of right now, absolutely not…What’s important is my children.”
As of right now…
You caught that?
Yeah…It is not a matter of IF but WHEN. But you already knew that…
The other day, Michael Woods told himself, “You want to write again.” So he zipped up his fly, washed his hands, flushed the can and went right back to work.