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Heavyweight hopeful Jarrell Miller can talk the talk

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I admit, I’m a sucker for personality.

Supermodel looks with a pea brain and ability to conversate half a step up from a house plant, that’s a recipe for boredom and disinterest.

Same goes in this realm of the savage science. Put some personality in the toolbox with skills, and I will put you on my watch list for certain.

Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, an XXL hitter from Brooklyn, he’s on my watch list. I got the DVR fired up, to make sure I don’t miss his ShoBox scrap with Donovan Dennis later tonight. Miller, promoted by Dmitriy Salita along with Greg Cohen, talked a stellar game in the days leading up to this tangle. He dropped verbal gems like this:

“People say if the knockout comes, it comes. That’s bull. I’m looking for the knockout. Every single round, I’m looking for the knockout.”

Love it… Guy makes sense and thanks for cutting through the boredom parade, BBM. Fans want intent and if you give us that intent, watch your fan base explode! Wise words from the mouth of a Big Baby…

Then there was this:

“I’d spank (IBF champion) Charles Martin, I know I would. Any place, any time. If Charles Martin and (WBC champion) Deontay Wilder still have a belt when I get there, then I’ll knock their heads off. I’m looking to get a title shot by the end of the year.”

Hey, Martin gets a voluntary before he gets a crack at a consolidation fight. The Brooklyner Miller in Brooklyn, at Barclays Center, against the new IBF champ. I’m in, fire it up.

Now, his talk ain’t cheap, this Miller has a way with words. But if he can deliver, look to remove head from shoulders on Dennis tonight, I think he can really, truly make a case for a crack at Martin. Because, this is a business of sports entertainment, and Miller, it looks to me, gets it.

Now let us see if he can get a buzz worthy KO…