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Tyson Fury offers religious violence

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Tyson Fury (R) alongside Wladimir Klitschko during the press tour to promote their October fight. Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Bongarts-Getty Images

Tyson Fury (R) alongside Wladimir Klitschko during the press tour to promote their fight later this month. Photo by Sascha Steinbach/Bongarts-Getty Images


He may well be a better trash-talker than he is a boxer. We shall see on Nov. 28, when Tyson Fury, the best-named boxer on the planet, proves if his body can cash the check his brave mouth signed.

Fury, age 27, steps up in a few weeks two notches when he takes on pound-for-pound ace, the cerebral and supremely focused heavyweight champion – apologies to Deontay Wilder – Wladimir Klitschko.

Fury’s mouth got a workout a few days ago, when he spoke to the UK’s Daily Mail, and offered insight into his personal and religious ideology. Let’s just say those thoughts aren’t of the most progressive variety…

“We live in an evil world,” Fury (24-0, 18 knockouts) told reporter Oliver Holt. “The devil is very strong at the minute, very strong, and I believe the end is near. The Bible tells me the end is near. The world tells me the end is near. Just a short few years, I reckon, away from being finished.”

OK, so he’s under the impression that the end of the world is near. Sounds bat-s**t crazy to me, to be honest, but lots of people take their cues on this subject from various sages and texts. It is, to me, less rare a POV than I’d wish to see…

But Fury didn’t stop there…

He spoke about what he sees are imminent developments before the devil comes to wipe us all out, in the way, I suppose, some folks who will find Fury’s trains of thought repellent will hope Klitschko accomplishes.

“There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other one’s pedophilia. Who would have thought, in the ’50s and ’60s, that those first two would be legalized? When I say pedophiles can be made legal, that sounds like crazy talk, doesn’t it?”

Frankly, yes…as no right-minded folks are proponents of that, while the other two matters are widely seen as a civil and legal right, stemming from the belief that a woman’s body is hers alone and they should be able to choose whether, for example, they wish to give birth. And as for the acceptance of homosexuality, more and more tolerance on that matter is being seen, as young people understand that gender/romantic preference is not a choice but is something we are born with, by and large, just like our skin color. Why shouldn’t a man be able to marry a man? Because a thousands-year-old text written by Lord-knows-who says it should be so?

Fury kept on throwing curious combinations…

“But back in the ’50s and early-’60s, for them first two to be made legal would have been looked on as a crazy man again. If I would have told you 120 years ago, that a 1000-ton aeroplane is going to float through the sky, a piece of steel – ludicrous…

“This is a funny world we live in and an evil world,” Fury stated. “People can say, ‘Oh, you are against abortions; you are against pedophilia. You are against homosexuality; you’re against whatever,’ but my faith and my culture is all based on the Bible. The Bible was written a long time ago, from the beginning of time until now, and if I follow that and it tells me it’s wrong, then it’s wrong for me. That’s just my opinion.”

Indeed…and this being a place in which opposing ideas can be heard, he is more than welcome to it. And we are more than welcome to label it bad rubbish…as we are, to tell him he sounds like an ignoramus. Like when he says, “I know Klitschko is a devil-worshiper.”


Maybe not an ignoramus, maybe just a guy trying to get some attention, some extra press for the bout. But maybe worse than ignorant, he sounds to me crazy, when he says, “It ain’t going to happen. He can’t beat me now. Now I know what he is – a devil-worshipper – I know he has no chance of beating me. God will not let him defeat me, not at all. I am almost a thousand percent certain that he cannot beat me.”

Crazy…and paranoid, to boot…

“Maybe I’m going to get in trouble; maybe I’m going to have someone come here and try and assassinate me for saying it. They are powerful people but he who practices evil will never prosper. They live for this world. I don’t.”

Fury headed for the finish line, tooting the horn on the crazy train all the way…

“I believe I can be used to spread the word of God throughout the world more efficiently than maybe a thousand pastors could through their churches,” Fury told the Mail. “I will try and do good things with the power I have at this time of life rather than doing bad things and bragging and bouncing up and down in a big car.

“I am about doing good things, setting up charities, rehabilitation centers,” Fury said. “I want to be more involved with people. I want to change people who need help.”

Some would argue it is he who needs help, a dosage on understanding that a righteous religion would not be one proposing to separate beings according to whom they wish to kiss. Come Nov. 28, I’m guessing Fury will get something of a reality check, a necessary humbling which will help him understand that maybe the Bible tells him, “The end is near,” it is more likely that the end is near for him as an unbeaten boxer with a grandiose perception of self, not matched by his track record or ability.


Our biggest problem here is trying to hedge a guess as in which Testament of the “Bible of Boxing,” THE RING, Michael Woods resides. Nonetheless, “Woodsy 3:16” has a pretty keen ring.