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Khan it be true? Pacquiao vs. Amir in April?

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So they are saying Manny Pacquiao will be back – and in tough – when he gloves up for the first time since Floyd Mayweather Jr. proved to be on a higher skill plane than the congressman.

“They,” in this case, is the UK Daily Mail reporter Jeff Powell, who wrote on Tuesday afternoon that “Amir Khan signs deal to fight Manny Pacquiao on April 9 in Las Vegas.”

Now, that “fact” hasn’t been confirmed by “Pacman” or his promoter, Bob Arum, so maybe a grain or two of salt should be taken with the Mail report. Especially since Powell reported Khan vs. Floyd Mayweather being a done deal back in Oct. 2013. (Now, that doesn’t mean maybe it was almost a done deal and that bout went off the rails…bottom line: It didn’t happen, despite what a Powell piece said.)

I messaged a Khan rep to get a confirm or deny and also asked the same of Top Rank Promotions’ Bob Arum, through a TR rep.

In the Powell story, Khan is quoted, so I’m guessing this is the real deal. The Brit star hitter, hopes dashed at getting Mayweather, would be receiving a superb runner-up prize in the Filipino, who looked a bit long in the tooth- wait, don’t they all? – versus Mayweather and is coming off surgery for a torn right shoulder. Yesterday, I checked in with Pacman right-hand man Michael Koncz; I asked if maybe a Pacquiao-Khan tangle, which, by the way, Khan said could be a week before or after April 9, is being finalized. “No updates right now,” he said.

My take: That Powell story makes clear Khan has agreed to terms…but that doesn’t mean that fight is firm go. Team Pacquiao has to agree and sign…and until his John Hancock hits paper, the portly lady hasn’t sung. And I checked in with a rep for another guy who has been in the running to get Manny next and he said to not assume anything is a done deal until you see that “next” in a Vegas ring with Pacman come April.


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