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Sadam Ali wants a shot at Tim Bradley

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Brooklyner Sadam Ali, contender on the cusp, is fired up to cement his next gig.

The boxer, age 26, has been on a tear of opening eyes after he upset banger Luis Abregu on HBO last November; now, the fighter promoted by Golden Boy is keen to snag a step up fight which would elevate him several notches, were he able to get the W.
Ali (22-0) is ranked No. 1 by the WBO at 147. Tim Bradley, the ultra respected hitter under the Top Rank umbrella, holds the WBO belt, which was up for grabs, with an “interim” tag attached to it, in a showdown with Jessie Vargas two months ago.
Now, historically Ali hasn’t been prone to engage in anything resembling trash talk. I get the sense that he’s reached a new stage, that he wants to stake out his turf, make folks aware that kindness and a non confrontational way outside the ring shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness. Dad David Ali, speaking for Team Ali, told RING that his kid “is moving forward, upward. We’re not going to step aside or take a step back.”
Rumors have had Bradley tangling with Brandon Rios next; I get the sense that fight is maybe a 50/50 possibility. But while Team Ali tells me they will respect the decisions of the WBO, who they deem a respectable body, step asides and waiting games aren’t their aim. Yep, the smart boxer Ali knows he’s ready for the big stage spotlight clash, and that’s Bradley.
Message: kid is ready and willing and very much wants logic and sensibility and fairness to prevail. I know, this is boxing, fairness is a moving target and malleable…but his crew and him wants the No. 1 to fight the champ, which is the plan Top Rank boss Bob Arum mentioned to me in June.
And folks shouldn’t mistake chill for weak.