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Lamont Peterson’s team responds to Angel Garcia remarks

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Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Once his motor gets running, the mouth of Angel Garcia can go from 0 to 60 in mere seconds.

His son and trainee, Danny Garcia, steps to the line in Brooklyn on Aug. 1, at welterweight, against crafty vet Paul Malignaggi. Brooklyn is a second home for Danny; he handled Lamont Peterson there in his last outing (MD 12). Or, that’s what the judges said; many fans beefed with the decision on Twitter. I thought Peterson gave away too many early rounds and turned up the heat too late …

The father obviously isn’t down with people who might still be saying his son was given a gift on the cards in April …

“I’m not saying what the eff he was on, didn’t look like no Red Bull,” Angel railed to Fight Hype, stating that Peterson, the DC-area boxer, didn’t sit down on his shots. “He looked like he was on some s–t.” He said, ironically, that he didn’t want to point a finger … but then kept pointing a finger. He said his kid did anti-doping testing, to a T, but that Peterson didn’t. His kid won the fight, even though, he implied, Peterson had an extra aide.

I reached out to Team Peterson; a spokesman took issue with the fathers’ remarks. “He’s accusing us of what? Lamont took several drug tests before, during and after and passed them all. So what are we talking about? It’s really sad … But his son got whipped by Lamont and they both know it,” said Andre Johnson.

Hmm, and I would have thought Angel and Paulie would have been getting into it as we get closer to fight night …

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