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Hank Lundy reunites with original coach for Herrera fight

Hank Lundy
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PHILADELPHIA – There was always that silent way Charles Ramey was able to communicate with his fighter, then a young Hank Lundy. A look, a raised eyebrow, a squint, a stare, would always get Lundy’s attention as he was learning the boxing craft in the hard scrapple gyms of Philadelphia.

So it’s no wonder Lundy (25-4-1, 12 knockouts) has reunited with Ramey in a move to resuscitate his career against hard luck Mauricio Herrera (21-5, 7 KOs) at the Sports Arena, in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday. The scheduled 10-round junior welterweight main event will be broadcast live on HBO Latino.

Lundy is 3-3 over his last six fights, coming off a split-decision 10-round loss to Thomas Dulorme at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center last December. Herrera hasn’t fared much better, going 2-2 over his last four fights, including a majority decision loss to then-RING champ Danny Garcia last March, which many felt Herrera won (or at least deserved a draw).

What’s certain for both entering this fight is neither can afford another loss.

It’s why Lundy has revamped his entire team. It’s why he went back to the man that he started with in the hopes of rekindling some lost magic.

“I saw Herrera in his previous fights, and I saw he beat (Ruslan) Provodnikov, and his fight with Danny Garcia, but I notice he’s had a lot of success with brawlers, and that isn’t me,” Lundy said. “For boxers and people that can move, he struggles, and that’s my game. He’ll struggle against someone like me, because I won’t be out there for him to hit. He’s going to want to get inside and make this a scrappy fight. It’s not going to happen.

“I heard he says this is going to be the second guy from Philadelphia that he’s going to school. He’s not going to school me. I’m a whole different animal than Danny Garcia and Herrera better be aware of that. I’m a different monster in terms of boxing. I have faster hands than Danny Garcia, and I have the ability to put combinations together from any angle.”

Lundy, who can fight both southpaw and conventional, just needed to find himself again. The 5-foot-7, 31-year-old veteran believes that he doesn’t have to knock Herrera out to win. He also says he doesn’t feel any pressure, either. He says he’s not looking at his age or fighting against being branded as an “opponent.”

“I put on exciting fights and people want to see me fight, anyone that knows me knows Hank Lundy is no ‘opponent,'” Lundy said. “I’ve been thrown in tough. I’ve overcome odds. I’ll never be an opponent, and all of these big-time promoters know that. I’m a tough cookie that no one wants to mess with. You put me in with anyone between 140 and 147, I’ll destroy them. I’m the definition of hard work.

Lundy worked with respected Washington, D.C. trainer Barry Hunter for the Dulorme fight. But he said he wanted to get back to what made him undefeated early in his career. That meant getting back with Ramey.

“I went back to who started me, Charles Ramey and I was 16-0 with him. This will be my first fight with him in a while and we’re about to start something new again.”

What broke them up originally was over something trivial. No one was willing to make the step to amend their division. Lundy said the original split was probably his fault. But he and Ramey were more like father and son than they were trainer and fighter and it was difficult to admit any wrongdoing.

“In time, you humble yourself and you become mature. We’ve been working and everything happens for a reason,” Lundy said. “Charles raised me since the amateurs. Fighters sometimes come into a zone where they think we’re higher than what they are. I think that happened to me earlier in my career. The plan is to stick to a game plan, listen to my corner and adjust to anything Herrera has for me.”

Ramey thinks this version of Lundy is far more focused. He’s also hoping their streak will continue of never having lost a fight together as pros.

“This is Hank’s time and this will be a different Hank this time around,” Ramey promised. “I give Herrera all the respect in the world. He’s very skilled, but he’s never had anyone in front of him like Hank, with his hand speed and foot speed. Hank is going to be much harder to hit than he’s been in the past.

“We know what the score is Saturday night. We know we’re going in as ‘the opponent,’ and we’re fighting Herrera in his back yard. We’re going to have to dominate him or knock him out to win. Over the years, Hank feeds off of fighting fighters in their backyards. The pressure is on Herrera.”

Lundy is hoping a victory over Herrera could mean a nice all-Philly showdown against Garcia in the future.

“It’s a fight I’ve been looking forward to, but Danny wouldn’t want to fight me,” Lundy said. “I bring too much heat for him. When I sparred him, he knows I schooled him. I won’t say Danny is afraid of me, but he’s aware that dealing with me is a whole different fighter. Herrera I thought beat Garcia. I’ll keep it real. Herrera doesn’t have the punching power to hurt anyone. This fight for me is my world championship. It will put me on a higher level. I know if I lose it will be a different world. I’m not worried about that. Losing is not an option for me.”