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My motivation isn’t the ‘0,’ says Mayweather, it’s the ‘$’

Photo by Eric Jamison/Getty Images

Photo by Eric Jamison/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS – In four days Floyd Mayweather Jr. will square off against Manny Pacquiao for THE RING, WBC, WBA and WBO welterweight championship unification bout, which is sure to be the the richest prizefight in boxing history. And that’s how Mayweather and his team planned for this to happen. In front of a small group of reporters at the MGM Grand Garden Arena today, Mayweather talked candidly about how the money he will earn from this fight is his main motivating factor for choosing to finally fight Pacquiao.

“I made $11 million just in the past 48 hours because of my team and smart business decisions,” Mayweather said moments after making his arrival at the MGM, which will be the scene of the fight on Saturday night.

Mayweather admitted that his biggest motivation for taking on this fight is money and money alone.

“I do everything for my kids and I can say that the work I did the past 19 years will take care of my kids and their kids for life.”

While the thought of retiring undefeated is on his mind, nothing is more important than the money he stands to make from this fight.

“Each one of my kids will make $50 million from Saturday’s fight,” Mayweather said.

Mayweather said his next fight in September will be his last and will retire without looking back at the prospects of a 50-0 undefeated record.

“My daughter can’t eat an undefeated record,” Mayweather said. “But she can eat money.”

Mayweather then became a bit introspective when discussing how this fight came about.

“I was sitting in my house one day with Al Haymon, who is a pure genius. He said to me did we get the big boy mansion built when you wanted it? I said yes. Then he asked me did we get the house in Miami you wanted? I said yes. Did we get the Bugatti? I said yes. Did we get the 14-seat private jet you wanted? I said yes. Al then said let’s get this fight and I said yes.”

Mayweather is so grateful to Haymon that he even told the assembled media in the room he feels Pacquiao is losing out on profits because of Top Rank and would do better with a different team behind him.

“If Manny was with Al Haymon he would make much more for this fight than what Top Rank is getting for him.”