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Who wins Tyson Fury-Dereck Chisora II?

Tyson Fury (R) attempts to antagonize Dereck Chisora before turning over a table and walking out of their press conference held on March 20 in Manchester, England.  Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Tyson Fury (R) attempts to antagonize Dereck Chisora before turning over a table and walking out of their press conference held on March 20 in Manchester, England. Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images


On Saturday, two British heavyweights will return to London, site of Tyson Fury’s unanimous decision over Dereck Chisora at Wembley Arena in July 2011.

This time, however, they’ll be fighting at the ExCel Arena in Dockland, London, where they’ll engage in a WBO title eliminator for the right to face RING champion Wladimir Klitschko, who also holds the IBF and WBA belts.

It was more than three years ago when Fury (22-0, 16 knockouts) defeated Chisora (20-4, 13 KOs) at a time when the fighters entered the bout with identical 14-0 records.

Since facing Fury, Chisora has gone 6-3 with four knockouts. Chisora has won five consecutive bouts, four by stoppage, and is coming off a unanimous decision over Kevin Johnson in February.

Since facing Chisora, Fury is 7-0 with six knockouts. In his last bout, Fury scored a fourth-round stoppage of Joey Abell that followed a seventh-round knockout of former RING cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham.

The results of the poll taken from 18 insiders regarding Fury-Chisora are as follows.


Jake Donovan,

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: Dereck Chisora didn’t give himself a fighting chance the first time around, showing up at a career fattest. But I’m not entirely sure that a slimmer, trimmer version is the solution to the problems Chisora faced three years ago.

Tyson Fury hasn’t really evolved since that fight. But as long as Fury’s chin holds up, I see his size and strength advantages being enough to take him to a close but clear victory.

Record: 26-7 [Last pick: Manny Pacquiao UD 12 Chris Algieri]


Norm Frauenheim, THE RING magazine,

Tyson Fury UD 12 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury is training in a converted pub, according to UK media. Maybe that means he expects a barroom brawl in a rematch with Dereck Chisora.

But Fury’s unanimous decision in the first one says it will be a tactical repeat. Fury has the versatility to adjust and score for an encore that will push Chisora closer to last call.

Record: 27-9 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 10 Algieri]


Jeffrey Freeman, www.KODigest.TV

Tyson Fury TKO 5 Dereck Chisora: These two Brits don’t like each other and it’s going to show up in the ring again. That’s a good thing for fans of the heavyweight division, a place where genuine grudge matches are in short supply.

Their first fight in 2011 was somewhat of a boxing match won by Tyson Fury, who has since improved a bit as an inside fighter. Dereck Chisora has since lost his mind and gotten knocked out by David Haye, a blown-up cruiserweight.

A pair of top 10 heavyweight contenders going in different directions is what we have here. Look for Fury to survive some early trouble, maybe even a dramatic knockdown, before his power and underrated will to win propels him to another polarizing but highly entertaining victory.

Record: 21-12 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 7 Algieri]


Tom Gray,

Tyson Fury SD 12 Dereck Chisora: I don’t see this fight being too different from the first encounter, which took place three years ago when both men were novices. Tyson Fury prevailed in an untidy brawl that night and I don’t expect much finesse in the return.

Fury and Dereck Chisora have both improved but I think they’ll be stale on Saturday night. Fury has been horrendously inactive, with one win over a journeyman in the last 20 months. He’s had multiple training camps for fights that have fallen through and made no secret of the fact that he’s been depressed and downtrodden with boxing.

Chisora has been out since April and has also suffered a broken hand. Like Fury, he had already completed a training camp and went straight into another one. I think the fight will be difficult to watch, and, after 12 rounds, nobody will have a clue who won.

Record: 27-9 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 8 Algieri]


Lee Groves,

Dereck Chisora W 12 Tyson Fury: Of course, this pick is entirely predicated on which Dereck Chisora will show up. If it’s the version that has gotten control of his weight (which has helped pick up his work rate) and is eager to avenge his defeat, he will have the drive, desire and conditioning to pound out a decision.

But if it’s the out-of-shape version that throws barely anything and seems passionless, Tyson Fury will win by virtual default. My gut feeling is that Chisora will be properly prepared and motivated while Fury couldn’t have performed much better than he did in fight one. With more room to improve, I’m picking Chisora.

Record: 19-5 [Last pick: Pacquiao W 12 Algieri]


Keith Idec, The Record/

Tyson Fury UD 12 Dereck Chisora: If the inconsistent Dereck Chisora can get inside and do better work there than he did during their first fight, their rematch should be more competitive.

But the 6-foot-9 Tyson Fury is athletic for a fighter so big, as well as a decent boxer, and he should be able to keep the 6-1 Chisora away from his questionable chin enough to win another decision.

Record: 14-6 [Last pick: Pacquiao KO 9 Algieri]


Edward “Revolver” Khabrov, guest/fan, Zaporozhye City, Ukraine

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury beat a severely out-of-shape Dereck Chisora. But since that fight, Chisora has improved his game and physical shape, giving a solid account of himself in bouts against Robert Helenius and Vitali Klitschko.

But Chisora also has suffered a crushing TKO loss at hands of David Haye and looked mediocre and unimpressive outings against Malik Scott and Kevin Johnson by sixth-round stoppage and unanimous decision, respectively.

An in-shape Fury is a solid contender with competent hand speed, movement and footwork. Fury has also shown good punch variation as well as a complimentary jab. I expect Fury to outbox Chisora for the win.

Record: 3-2 [Wladimir Klitschko UD 12 Kubrat Pulev]


Rich Marotta, KFI Radio, Los Angeles

Tyson Fury UD Dereck Chisora: I’m really not sure why a rematch was needed in this fight. Tyson Fury was a decisive winner the first time around and it will be more of the same this fight.

Fury will have the same overwhelming advantages he had in height and size. Dereck Chisora did have a few good moments in the first bout but whenever he did get to Tyson, the big man laid that huge frame all over him and swallowed him up.

Chisora has a chance if he can hurt Fury and follow up immediately by getting him out of there but I don’t see it happening. Chisora wins a couple of rounds but that will be it.

Record: 23-11 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 10 Algieri]


Diego Morilla, XN Sports

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: As the slowest heavyweight since Primo Carnera, Tyson Fury is really hard to envision as a legitimate threat in the current heavyweight division.

But Fury gets the benefit of the doubt on my card based on a slightly more noticeable improvement on his overall game than Dereck Chisora’s, counting since their 2011 bout.

Fury has looked a little bit more aggressive and powerful and Chisora always finds a way to flunk his biggest tests as if on purpose. In a fight that pits an overachiever against an underperformer, I usually go with the first one.

And yes, I still can’t bring myself to dislike a guy named Tyson Fury enough to throw him under the bus just for being slow and not really talented.

Record: 13-9 [Last pick: Pacquiao W 12 Algieri]


Harry Pratt,

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: If it had been a year ago, Tyson Fury would have been a clear favorite to beat Dereck Chisora for a second time.

However, Fury’s frustrating time with canceled bouts against David Haye and Chisora’s steady improvement since losing to Haye 18 months ago suggest this is going to be a close one.

I still favor the Manchester man to maintain his unbeaten record with a points decision but not without a real struggle in the middle rounds. Fury may even be dropped in the fight.

Record: 4-3 [Last pick: Pacquiao UD 12 Algieri]


John J. Raspanti, Monthly Magazine

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: The first time they met in 2011, Tyson Fury won a hard-fought 12-round decision over an out-of-shape Dereck Chisora. Since their initial encounter, Fury has remained undefeated.

Chisora, after defeating some personal demons, has won five consecutive fights. Fury has looked vulnerable at times. Blown-up cruiserweight Steve Cunningham knocked him on his back.

Two fights with David Haye were canceled due to injuries sustained by Haye in training. Fury has been in the ring twice in two years. Chisora mixed it up four times last year. His last bout was seven months ago.

Chisora has been more active but I feel the towering Fury, who stands 6-foot-9, can outbox Chisora. Unless he gets caught with a big shot, I see Fury winning the fight by decision.

Record: 25-11 [Last pick: Pacquiao W 12 Algieri]


Cliff Rold,

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury won almost every round of the first fight. Both men have grown since. Dereck Chisora, if he’s in top shape – and he wasn’t in the first fight – can win. I like the size and volume of Fury to prevail again.

Record: 23-12 [Last pick: Klitschko W 12 Pulev]


Joseph Santoliquito/THE RING Magazine/ Sports

Tyson Fury KO 8 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury won a unanimous decision over Dereck Chisora the first time these two fought. I see no difference in them now and, if anything, Fury may have gotten better, stopping six of his last seven opponents.

Record: 17-0 [Last pick: Pacquiao KO 10 Algieri]


John Scully, trainer

Tyson Fury KO Dereck Chisora: I’m going with Tyson Fury by a mid-round knockout victory. Fury will probably taste some nasty leather along the way but will catch Dereck Chisora and end it.

Record: 16-10 [Last pick: Pacquiao W 12 Algieri]


Bradley Starks, guest/fan, Novato, Calif.

Tyson Fury KO 11 Derek Chisora: Though I think this will turn out to be a one-sided beatdown of Derek Chisora, it should still be a highly entertaining bout with some exciting ebbs and flows.

Tyson Fury is the better fighter hands down and despite his buffoonish nature, he is a patient, well-rounded boxer with a very solid skill set, especially for a heavyweight.

As long as he does what he does best – which is fight like a big man – he should be able to repeat his performance in their first meeting but even more emphatically, this time, by knocking out Chisora late in the fight.

Record: 14-3 [Last pick: Pacquiao KO 4 Algieri]


Dominic Verdin,

Tyson Fury KO 5 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury is simply too big and in better shape for this rematch. Fury will take this fight inside of five rounds over the entertaining Dereck Chrisora

Record: 24-8 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 11 Algieri]


Charles Villa, guest/fan, Portland, Ore.

Tyson Fury TKO 9 Dereck Chisora: Tyson Fury’s become more well-known for his trash talk than his actual resume. It’s strange to think that a guy who has signature wins over Steve Cunningham and Dereck Chisora in 2011 is a name linked with Wladimir Klitschko opponents lists but that’s heavyweight boxing in 2014.

Fury is in possession of great height, standing at 6-foot-9, and the obvious amount of power leveraged with a man that size. Chisora is a rugged fighter that has managed to pose as a professional boxer despite this and has also become more known of his antics rather than his skills.

Losses to Vitali Klitschko, Robert Helenius, David Haye and already against Fury doesn’t hint at Chisora having a good chance to win this. But this is boxing and this is why we fight the fights. Who knows what one punch could do? People argue that both fighters have greatly improved since their first meeting but only one of them has managed to stay undefeated.

This time around, there won’t be any difference as Chisora is simply unable to deal with much taller fighters, getting repeatedly smashed while he tries to get into the pocket to do work. If Fury manages not uppercut himself in the face again, we should be looking at a ninth-round TKO of Chisora.

Record: 17-10 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 8 Algieri]


Anson Wainwright,

Tyson Fury W 12 Dereck Chisora: In the first meeting in 2011, Dereck Chisora came in at 261, about 25 pounds above his best fighting weight. Tyson Fury was able to win a decision.

Of late, Chisora has dedicated himself and now fights at around 240. Fury has been plagued with inactivity. Through no fault of his own, two bouts with David Haye were canceled and, more recently, the Chisora fight moved from a late-July date to now.

It will be interesting to see each guy’s weight for this fight. I think that that will be key. All tings being equal, I see Fury’s size being a little too much for Chisora in a competitive two-way fight.

Record: 23-9 [Last pick: Pacquiao TKO 9 Algieri]


By the one-sided margin of 17-1, the insiders favor Tyson Fury to repeat his victory over Dereck Chisora in their return bout.

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