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Mayweather-Maidana gloves issue to be resolved shortly

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Photo by Amanda Kwok-Showtime

Photo by Amanda Kwok-Showtime

CHICAGO ÔÇö Details of which gloves Marcos Maidana will wear in his rematch against Floyd Mayweather will be finalized shortly, Golden Boy Promotions vice president and matchmaker Eric Gomez said Tuesday.

The argument between Maidana and Mayweather’s camp on which gloves will be used revolves around the first fight between the welterweights when Maidana wore Everlast gloves instead of the custom-made Everlast MX gloves that were prepared for him.

Mayweather and his camp objected to the gloves the day before the fight and while a compromise was met, Maidana and his team said that the difference in the gloves affected the fight.

For now, it’s unknown which pair of gloves will be worn, but Golden Boy vice Gomez said that the issue will be finalized shortly.

“The deal is done, but with respect to the gloves, it’s an open issue that’s going to be solved,” Gomez said. “There’s a lot of determining factors (on why it wasn’t put into the contract when the deal was announced) and [Maidana] told us to make the fight. It’s part of negotiations.”

Boxingscene reporter and THE RING columnist David Griesman first reported that details of the gloves hadn’t been solved late Monday. Maidana and Mayweather were in Chicago on Tuesday as part of a five-city press tour to promote their Sept. 13 rematch at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Maidana’s trainer Robert Garcia said that it was more important to secure the rematch first and then handle the gloves issue.

“We’re still going to get the fight,” Garcia said. “We know what we did the first time was something that no one has ever done before. Even if it has to be some other glove and we have to get used to it during training, then we’ll be fine.”

Maidana fought Mayweather in May and lost a majority decision victory by scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 114-114. On the day of the fight, Maidana wore Everlast Power gloves instead of his custom-made MX pair and a commission approved stock pair of Red MX gloves.

Maidana said he felt the difference in the switch.

“The gloves that I use were fit to my hand and were just so much more comfortable,” Maidana said. “The ones I were made to wear were not comfortable. They were very different.”

From Mayweather’s point of view, the 37-year-old said that the switch was to protect his health in the long run. He added that Maidana’s custom-made pair had no padding, something Everlast’s CEO Neil Morton disputed to Yahoo! in May.

“In the first fight, I said let’s be on an even playing field,” Mayweather said. “Look at all those legendary champions not worried (about) safety and their health. Look out there and how they communicate and their health. It’s very, very bad.

“I’ve got four children to worry about and make sure they have everything they need. I want to be able to communicate with them in a respectful manner,” he said.

But when pointed out that the stock pair of MX gloves that Maidana was going to use instead of his custom-made ones were approved by the Nevada commission, Mayweather, like the counter-puncher he is, delivered a quick reply.

“Tell me one person on the commission who has boxed before,” Mayweather said. “Nevada has the best boxing commission in the world, but I know. This is what I’ve done my whole life. All I said is that he can get the same gloves I’m getting.

“Listen, if he don’t want the fight, he don’t have to fight,” Mayweather added. “He’s not forced to do nothing that he doesn’t want to do. If he don’t want to fight, then move out of the way and someone else will take his place.”

During the press conference at the Chicago Auditorium, Garica poked fun at the dispute between the two camps.

“Here’s your gloves,” Garcia said, pulling out a pair of pink gloves to give to Mayweather.