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Bermane Stiverne TKO 6 Chris Arreola II live round-by-round updates

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Arreola-vs-Stiverne-II has a live, round-by-round update on this page for Saturday night's heavyweight rematch in Los Angeles during which Bermane Stiverne scored two final round knockdowns on the way to a sixth-round technical knockout over Chris Arreola for the WBC's belt that was vacated by Vitali Klitschko.

After the second knockdown, Arreola was being hammered when referee Jack Reiss stepped in and waved an end to the fight at the 2:02 mark.

In the first fight, last April, Arreola suffered a broken nose and was dropped in the third round of a unanimous-decision loss to Stiverne.

The 35-year-old Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 knockouts) is 12-0-1 with nine stoppages since being knocked out in the fourth round by Demetrice King in July 2007.

Stiverne became the first heavyweight champion of Haitian descent, and the 33-year-old Arreola (36-4, 31 KOs) failed to become the first of Mexican descent, having rebounded from the loss to Stiverne with a first-round knockout of the highly touted Seth Mitchell in September.

The ESPN broadcast began at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

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Stiverne vs. Arreola

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Referee: Jack Reiss


Judges: Robert Tapper, Max De Luca, Jerry Roth.

Michael Buffer: LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!! Arreola of Riverside,  Calif., receiving cheers, Stiverne, boos


Round 1: Referee Jack Reiss, who worked their first fight, makes fighters tap gloves. Action begins. Stiverne retreating, Arreola moving forward. Right after the jab and a couple of body shots along the ropes from Arreola. Arreola right hand is blocked. Right hand reaches and a left by Arreola. Jab by the covering Stiverne. Double jab by Arreola, who backs off after taking a right. Arreola retreating. Pawing jab by Stiverne with Arreola on the ropes. Three rights a left and a right by Arreola. Right hand and left by Arreola. Stiverne lands a right and left upercut that cause Arreola to retreat. Right by Stiverne. ROUND-STEALING LEFT, AND FOLLOWUP RIGHT RIGHT HAND WOBBLES ARREOLA AT THE BELL. Stiverne, 10-9




Round 2: Stiverne retreating behind his jab. Arreola was left with something to think about. Arreola pound home a seven-punch combination. Counter-right, left and right by Stiverne. Five-punch combo by Arreola, but then, he backs off. Stiverne goes back to jabbing, looking to land a telling right. LEAD RIGHT HAND BY ARREOLA ROCKS STIVERNE. Arreola lands a right and a left and retreats. Arreola's on the ropes. Takes an uppercut. Stiverne pushed threw the ropes and down. It's a ruled slip by Reiss. Solid right hand and left by Arreola. Stiverne rips a right and a left. Arreola, 10-9; Even, 19-19.



Round 3: Stiverne's moving forward behind the jab, yet again. They trade jabs, but Stiverne's is more steady and consistent. Right, left, left, left and right all by Arreola. Stiverne gets off the ropes. Left hook by Stiverne. Double-jab by Stiverne. They trade jabs. Left hook and right hand by Stiverne. Jab, jab and right all aby Arreola. Right, left and right by Arreola back up Stiverne. Right to the body by Stiverne. Three right hands by Arreola and a left. Four right hands anad left all by Arreola. Arreola hammers away at Stiverne on the ropes, emphasizing the right hand. Arreola, 10-9; Arreola, 29-28.



Round 4: Stiverne warned to stay off the ropes between rounds. Arreola told not to forget about the body. Stiverne coming forward. Arreola out-landed Stiverne 41-18 in Round 3. Hard right hand by Stiverne. Arreola comes back with two jabs and Stiverne retreats to the ropes. Right by Arreola and a series and lefts and rights. Hard left hook by Arreola gets Stiverne's attention. Two jabs by Stiverne. Arreola retreats. Double-jab by Stiverne. Right by Stiverne. He may be stealing the round. Right to the body by Stiverne. Left and right by Arreola on the ropes. Right to the body and right uppercut by Arreola. Left to the body by Arreola. Arreola, 10-9; Arreola, 39-37.



Round 5: Stiverne is jabbing, but he's short. Triple jab and a right all by Arreola. Double-jab and two right hands by Arreola. Another jab and right by Arreola, who takes a right and a left from Stiverne. Right and a left over the jab of Stiverne. Stiverne's jab not as powerful. Arreola lands a left uppercut and two right hands. Counter left and right by Stiverne. Hard right by Stiverne. Right by Stiverne, moving away. Right hand and left by Arreola. Arreola's getting the better of the action along the ropes. Hard right to the body by Stiverne prior to the bell. Arreola, 10-9; Arreola, 49-46.



Round 6: Stiverne's jab being either blocked or short. Jab by Arreola reaches. Grazing right by Arreola. Jab lands for Stiverne. Jab to the body and head by Stiverne. LOOPING RIGHT TO THE TEMPLE DROPS ARREOLA. HE'S UP AT THE COUNT OF EIGHT. Hard left and right by Stiverne. Right hand and left. THREE PUNCH COMBINATION PUNCTUATED BY A RIGHT HAND PUTS ARREOLA DOWN AND THREW THE ROPES. He's up. STIVERNE IS ON HIM AND POUNDING AWAY. JACK REISS STEPS IN TO STOP IT.