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Q&A: Guerrero, post-Mayweather, wants Ortiz

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When Robert Guerrero dropped a unanimous decision to RING welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. in May, his seven-and-a-half-year undefeated streak came to an end.

Guerrero (31-2-1, 18 knockouts) had won 15 consecutive fights, having previously lost by a split decision to Gamaliel Diaz in December 2005 only to win their rematch with a sixth-round knockout the following June.

A former featherweight and junior lightweight titleholder, Guerrero now looks to bounce back from his high-profile setback.

He shared his thoughts about Mayweather, the promotion of the fight and his future, including his desire to face ex-beltholder Victor Ortiz.


RingTV.com: What did you learn from your last fight with Mayweather?

Robert Guerrero:  I know that I can compete with the best fighters in the world. I learned a lot in this fight in the fact that I gained a lot of experience on what it will take to fight a guy who never stops moving around the ring.  

RingTV.com: Did the intensity of the promotion have any effect on you?

RG:  No, not at all. I knew, coming in, that there would be a lot of media requests. It was time consuming, but I knew it was something I was going to have to do.

RingTV.com: I say this, because, at one point, you were telling a publicist on video that you wanted to get back to training, so were any of the commitments disruptive?
  Yeah, I wanted to get back to training. All we fighters want to stay in the gym before a big fight. That’s what we do, we train. Ask any fighter if they want or would rather train or do interviews, and they will all say train. 

But I knew these media requests were part of the territory. But I would not say they were disruptive because I knew I had to do them.


RingTV.com: Was there anything about Floyd’s style, power, elusiveness that surprised you?

RG:  His speed and elusiveness was what I expected. I just thought he would stand his ground more, but he was on his bike for most of the fight. He’s a great fighter, and I take nothing away from his win over me.

RingTV.com: Is there anything that you would do differently in the fight if you could?

RG:  Yeah, I would have used my jab more, maybe let him come forward and walk him into shots. But, hey, I’m a fighter. I like to grind it out. So I pushed the fight.

RingTV.com: Would you change anything about the way you attacked Mayweather, cut off the ring more, etc.?

RG: Of course. If we fought again, I would do a lot of things different. I had a great two first rounds, but didn’t change pace. He is a very good fighter, and I want a rematch once I earn it by beating a few of the top welterweights.

RingTV.com: What have you been doing with yourself, family, etc., since the fight?

RG:  I’ve just been spending a lot of time with my wife and kids. I had a very busy last 12 months and a nice break was needed. I’m truly blessed, and can’t complain about anything. We’ve just been doing some traveling and stuff like that. 

RingTV.com: Are you better for the experience, and, if so, in what ways?

RG:  Yeah, the whole experience is going to make me a better fighter moving forward, because I know what it’s like to fight at the highest level in sports. I’ll be ready the next time around, and moving forward, I’m ready to fight the best.

RingTV.com: Where do you go from here?

RG:  I’m ready to fight the best possible opponents out there. I know my managers are starting to put some things together, and when they let me know what’s up, I’ll be ready.


RingTV.com: Who would you like to fight next?

RG:  I want to fight Victor Ortiz, and that fight can be made since we both have the same promoter (Golden Boy). I think that’s a fight the fans would want to see. If not him, then any one of the champions at 147. 

RingTV.com: Would you like to be on the Mayweather-Alvarez card?

RG:  If my managers feel that is the best move for my career, then yeah, why not?  I’ll be ready to fight as soon as they let me know when.


Photos by Naoki Fukuda

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