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Fox reflects on win over Kennedy

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alt caught up to unbeaten junior middleweight Alantez “SlyAza” Fox, a 6-foot-5, 20-year-old prospect from of Forestville, Md., in the wake of last Saturday night’s unanimous decision victory over rugged Julius Kennedy at The Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, Md.

Fox (9-0-1, four knockouts) was triumphant in a clash that represented his first role in the main event, overcoming the 5-foot-8 Kennedy (7-3-1, 3 KOs), of Windsor Mill, Md., despite competing in a tiny, 16.5-foot square ring which threatened to cramp his mobility.

Against Kennedy, Fox displayed poise while executing a well-balanced attack behind his jab, hammering down right hands to the head, and also firing hard rights and hooks to the body.

Trained by his father, Troy Fox, Alantez Fox employed good movement, whether turning or backpedaling, even as he occasionally engaged in toe-to-toe clashes.

Fox had gone farther than four rounds just once — battling to September’s eight-round draw with New York’s Frank Galarza (8-0-1, 4 KOs), while Kennedy had twice gone the 10-round distance, losing by majority decision to Baltimore’s Jessie Nicklow in September of 2010 before losing his next fight against Scott Sigmon in December of that same year.

Kennedy also owns a six-round, unanimous decision victory over Aaron Pryor Jr., handing the son of the Hall of Fame former world champion only his second loss at the time in April of 2009.

Fox discussed his performance as well as his future in this brief Q&A, below.


Ring What are your thoughts on your overall performance?

Alantez Fox: I really felt like I shouldn’t have gotten hit with either of those two right hands. There were two overhands, and that was a mistake right there.

Those were major mistakes that could have cost me in bigger fights, and more competitive fights. But, you know, I’ve got to make some of those adjustments for the next go-round. Did you surprise yourself in any way being able to absorb those clean shots?

AF: Not really. I think that I’ve been hit harder than that before. I’ve been hit like that before, and they weren’t as big of punches as people might think.

They were kind of off-balance and awkward. They were more or less desperation punches that were being thrown. They weren’t really that bad. What do you think that you displayed for your fans, and what do you feel about the general reaction you received from the crowd?

AF: I think that pretty much anybody there who pretty much knew who I was, they already knew that I could fight.

Of course, there were some people there who doubt that my father can train me well, or doubt that I’m as good as I showed that I am.

But, if they saw anything last night, they saw that I do have some talent. I really showcased my talent on Saturday night. Were you motivated by the crowd?

AF: Well, my fans, they gave me a lot more confidence and motivation. They really gave me a sense of pride, like I’ve got to make sure that I keep doing well.

alt What sort of things were said to you by observers of the fight afterward?

AF: All I really heard was, “Man, you looked really good.” They were really impressed. A lot of people were really impressed. I seemed to have opened a lot of eyes.

I could tell, because they were saying, “You looked beautiful,” and, “That was a helluva boxing exhibition.”

Those were some of the things that stuck out. But everybody said that I looked really good, and that I did a really good job.

Photos by Juan Marshall

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