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Breaking news: Angulo has been released from detention center

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UPDATE: has been informed that Angulo has, in fact, been released from The El Centro Detention Center.

(“Alfredo Angulo was just released within the last 30 minutes. Lucy Haro is picking him up right now, and he’s waiting for her outside of the detention center. They’re going to run to a restaurant and then head back to Los Angeles. He’ll be back in Los Angeles or later today or tonight or the first thing this morning, so it’s on. We’ll probably have a press conference later this week,” Michael Miller, Angulo’s boxing manager and counsel)

An attorney for junior middleweight Alfredo Angulo has informed on Tuesday that the Mexican-born fighter “should be released any day now” from an eight-month stay at the El Centro Detention Center in El Centro, Calif., following the winning of his court case on July 30 and the resolution of immigration matters.

“Alfredo should be released. We’re waiting for them to do so. Usually, it’s an immediate process. It’s usually done within hours,” said attorney Lucy Haro, of the Los Angeles-based Haro Law Firm. “But it’s been a day or two now, so we’re just awaiting an answer from them as to when they’re going to let him go.”

Three different telephone calls to El Centro did not produce information, with at least one official saying that the facility could not release information to concerning Angulo.

“Alfredo had about three years of mismanagement, and we’ve been just basically cleaning up his mess and trying to get his life back together,” said Haro. “So he had to go back to Mexico, but he came to El Centro to present himself…Now that he has had his court date, he’s won…he should be released any day now.”

In June, Angulo’s boxing manager and counsel, Michael Miller, informed that Angulo “overstayed his U.S. visa” and was being held at the El Centro Service Processing Center, an immigration detention facility located just under 14 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’re finalizing his paperwork to allow him to come across and to live in the United States. Alfredo hasn’t committed any crime or anything. The center is kind of a holding facility while we work on our paperwork. Alfredo can either be in Mexico waiting for all of this, or he can be on this side,” said Miller, who facilitated the hiring of the immigration experts who assisted the fighter.

“If he chooses to wait on this side, then his only option is to wait at a detention center. He wants to be able to come here to fight again, to live in the U.S., pay taxes here and see his daughter, who lives here in the U.S. Hopefully…they will rule that he can come and live again in the U.S., legally, and he will get a resident alien card, all sins will be forgiven and he’ll be good to go.”

Angulo (20-2, 17 knockouts) was last in the ring in November, when he lost by an exciting, sixth-round knockout to southpaw James Kirkland. Angulo was stopped for the first time in his career, ending his streak of five straight knockout victories since losing by unanimous decision to Kermit Cintron in May of 2009.

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