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IBF won’t decide whether to strip Peterson until it sees medical records

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The IBF will not decide whether to strip Lamont Peterson of his junior welterweight title until after his medical records are examined by IBF President Daryl Peoples and an organization-appointed physician, according to IBF Public Relations Director Jeanette Salazar.

Peterson admitted to using synthetic testosterone, claiming it was for medical reasons, before he outpointed Amir Khan to win the IBF and WBA belts in December.

The two were scheduled to meet again on May 19 in Las Vegas but the rematch was canceled this week after Peterson tested positive for the banned substance.

“We want to receive all of the medical records of Lamont Peterson, and we’re not going to make a decision until we have reviewed everything. We also have not heard anything from either camp, the Peterson camp or the Khan camp. So we’re waiting to hear from them as well,” said Salazar.

“We want to have all of that information, and then we’re going to have an independent doctor review everything and interpret everything for us. But as I said, we have not heard from the Peterson camp or the Khan camp, so we haven’t gotten everything. As soon as we get all of the information, that will set everything in motion.”

Also, the IBF no longer plans to honor the first Peterson-Khan bout as Fight of The Year at the organization’s May 29 convention in Honolulu,

“We’re not going to do that [honor Peterson-Khan] now. We have decided to pull it as Fight of the Year,” said Salazar. “At this point, there is too much controversy around it to go with that.”

Peterson and Khan contractually agreed to have their blood and urine randomly tested by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), whose president and founder is Margaret Goodman.

Goodman informed Nevada State Athletic Commission director Keith Kizerthat Peterson’s “urine specimen … was collected on March 19” and that its test results were “consistent with the administration of an anabolic steroid such as testosterone.”

The Peterson camp contends that the fighter had surgically implanted “testosterone pellets”inserted into his hip by Las Vegas-based Dr. John Thompson on Nov. 12 after he was diagnosed with an abnormal or low testosterone level.

In an interview with RingTV.com, Peterson said that he passed the pre-fight urine test conducted by the Washington D.C. Boxing and Wrestling Athletic Commission before facing Khan.D.C. commission director, Scottie Irving, also has yet to render a decision.

Salazar said there will be no verdict as to whether or not to strip Peterson of his belts



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