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Hopkins to undergo six weeks of shoulder rehabilitation

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Bernard Hopkins says that an MRI of of his left shoulder reaffirmed he has a separated acromioclavicular, or AC joint, which connects the collar bone and shoulder blade, following a doctor's visit on Friday morning.

"I just left the doctor's office. They've diagnosed the same thing that they said that I had in California after the fight. They will have to re-evaluate it after I go through my rehab," said Hopkins, who received his his initial MRI on Monday and said that he has been "taking 500 milligrams of Motrin" for the pain.

"They said that I have to set up a thing with rehab. I have about six-to-eight weeks where I have to be able to go though rehabilitation and recovery from this injury. Then I've got to wait for the doctor to give me another evaluation after six-to-eight weeks."

The injury resulted from Hopkins' controversial HBO Pay Per View clash with Chad Dawson last Saturday.

The fight was initially ruled to be a second-round TKO for Dawson after the 46-year-old Hopkins was shoved to the canvas and deemed unfit to continue by referee Pat Russell. Russell did not view Dawson's shove as a foul, accidental or otherwise.

Hopkins maintained that he was fouled by the young challenger and thus the bout should have been ruled a no-contest.

In accordance with a vote wherein the majority of the WBC's board members disagreed with the official call, the organization has ruled the fight a "technical draw" and will continue to recognize Hopkins as its light heavyweight champ.

Golden Boy Promotions filed a protest with the California State Athletic Commission, which will review the fight and make a ruling at a Dec. 13 hearing.


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