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Judah files complaint with IBF, WBA over loss to Khan

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Former IBF junior welterweight titleholder Zab Judah has filed letters of complaint to the IBF and the WBA requesting that it order an immediate rematch or keep him as high as possible in its rankings in the wake of last month’s loss to Amir Khan.

Judah has also sent a letter to the Nevada State Athletic Commission asking it to review the details of the fight and the actions of referee Vic Drakulich, according to his promoter, Kathy Duva.

Khan added Judah’s IBF belt to his WBA title by a fifth-round knockout last month on HBO. Judah and Duva claim the punch that ended the fight was low.

“They’re not formal protests, but we sent them a video tape of the fight showing that there were multiple fouls committed.” said Duva, president of Main Events. “There was repeated hitting behind the head and holding and we documented that several times, and Amir Khan never got a warning for it.”

Judah appeared to take a punch on the belt line but remained on the canvas for the entire 10 count by Drakulich, complaining of a low blow.

“The tape shows that the referee was clearly out of position on the low blow. It’s kind of hard to argue with that when you look at the tape, and we’ve just asked everyone to take a look,” said Duva.

“I think that he just wants the commission to acknowledge that the referee made a mistake, and I think that he would like to maintain a high position with the sanctioning bodies. If the sanctioning bodies would grant him a rematch, then he would like that too.”

NSAC Chairman Keith Kizer could not be reached.

Judah’s move comes on the heels of the IBF’s decision to order an immediate rematch between Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko after referee Russell Mora failed to penalize Mares for repeated low blows in their fight Aug. 13 on Showtime.

IBF President Darryl Peoples ordered the rematch between Mares and Agbeko after reviewing replays of their fight with Championships Chairman Lindsay Tucker, including an 11th-round knockdown punch that Mora ruled legal even though replays clearly showed the punch landing on Agbeko’s cup.

Tucker classified the latest issue as a “complaint asking us to review the fight.

“Zab didn’t file an official protest,” Tucker told “They asked us to look at a tape which they indicated that Zab was hit low, and that if we couldn’t order a rematch, then they would like for us to keep him as high as we possibly could in the ratings.

“We got it a little bit too late to order a rematch because, as per our rules, we would have to get a request like this within 10 days of the fight. I don’t want to speculate on it because Darryl is kind of handling that. It’s one of those issues that more or less goes to the president.”

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