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Bradley vents on variety of subjects in interview with RingTV.com

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Junior welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley spoke to RingTV.com in the wake of counterpart Amir Khan's fifth-round knockout of Zab Judah on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Bradley pulled out of the clash with Khan and was replaced by Judah. As a result, Bradley was sued by co-promoters Gary Shaw and Thompson Boxing Promotions, who are seeking lost earnings.

During this exclusive interview, Bradley expressed his thoughts on a number of topics, including his disappointment with the effort turned in by Judah, his assertion that he remains the world's top 140-pounder and his desire to fight for either Golden Boy Promotions or Top Rank rather than his present promoters.

On Khan's performance: "Khan did what he had to do to win the fight, but I wasn't impressed. I know that I'll get a lot of criticism for saying this, but I don't care. Regardless of what people say or feel, I know that Khan is not ready for Timothy Bradley, man. He's just not ready. I congratulate the guy for winning the fight, and I think that he did it in good fashion. So congratulations to him on his career. I'm not going to knock him in that way. But I feel just the same way.

There are so many things that I see that I can do to Amir Khan in a fight and in that ring against Amir. It's just like I said against Devon Alexander. I said that I would beat him, and I can beat Khan too. The bottom line … is that I wasn't impressed."

On Judah's performance: "Man, I was so disappointed in Zab Judah. Man, it was ridiculous. All Zab had to do is to actually fight this guy. Zab just had to let his hands go and fight this kid. But for whatever reason, Zab just did not pull the trigger. I don't think that Khan is hitting that hard that Zab couldn't pull the trigger. He was taking the punches and he didn't get stunned at any time in the fight. Zab just didn't come to fight. He made Khan look like he was actually like King Kong.

I laugh, and I know people will bash me. But they've got this kid on a pedestal, and he doesn't belong there."

On why he still should be considered No. 1 at 140: "I'm just surprised that someone would literally say that Khan is No. 1 because he beat Zab Judah and unified the titles. I unified the titles twice, let one go, and then unified them again. So I've won three world championships in six years, and I'm still undefeated. I fought real fighters. You think that Khan's toughest opponent was Zab Judah? You've got to be kidding me. Khan's toughest opponent was Marcos Maidana, and Maidana lost to (Andreas) Kotelnik, and a lot of people think that Maidana lost to Erik Morales too."

On why he did not sign to fight Khan: "The timing is not right right now. I don't feel that we would generate what I feel that we both deserve and what the promoters deserve. That's what I'm thinking about at the end of the day. So my main focus is to get past this litigation thing. Then, if they want to talk, we can talk."

On the status of the lawsuit:  "Gary don't want me as a fighter, he just wants money, man. That's something that I'm saying on the record. He just wants money. That's it. That's how I feel. That's all that they want."

On his chances of winning the suit: "I always have faith. I wouldn't have done what I did and made the decision that I made if I didn't think that we could win the case. There's always that little chance that you won't win. But this is the justice system, so it's all about the facts. The one who presents the facts is going to win the case. I'm confident that I do have two legs to stand on. So I'm not afraid to go into litigation with Gary."

On what weight he will compete at next: "My next fight will be at 140. I want to defend my titles at 140. If something big comes up, then I'll move up to 147. But that would have to mean Manny (Pacquiao) or Floyd (Mayweather). Those are the guys that I'm looking for. But it's going to be hard for somebody to come up to 140 and beat me. That's going to be really hard."

On Golden Boy and Top Rank: "There's a possibility that I could end up with Golden Boy, or there's a possibility that I could end up with Top Rank and Bob Arum. I know that a lot of people are speculating that I'm going with Arum because they have Pacquiao, but, you know, Golden Boy is also another great promotional company that I'm interested in signing with. It just depends on who is more interested in me. That's what it depends on. I'm willing to fight."