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De La Hoya and Co. humbled by USO tour

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Oscar De La Hoya and three Golden Boy Promotions prospects, Seth Mitchell, Daniel Jacobs and Adrien Broner, have begun their USO tour in the Middle East.

The kicked off the tour by meeting more than 500 serve members stationed at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. They signed autographs, shared boxing techniques and expressed their appreciation to the troops.

The boxers, on their first USO tour, are scheduled to visit more bases over the next few days

“As a professional boxer I know what it’s like to have your mind and body pushed to the limit, and can relate to how our troops must feel,” De La Hoya said. “The difference is when they are out here fighting for us, they don’t get a break between rounds or to rest between fights, as they are on call and ready to defend our country at a moment’s notice.

“This USO tour is an eye-opening and very humbling experience for me. I can’t believe what sacrifices these guys are making and I only hope they know how much I appreciate their service.”

The prospects also were humbled.

“I’m a fighter, I get paid to take a hit, but I’ve met some real fighters out here on my USO tour,” Broner said. “I have to admit, compared to what I have learned our troops go through every day, I think my kind of toughness is different from theirs. I don’t think I know anyone as tough as they are.”

Said Jacobs: “Man, what an experience! I didn’t know what to expect on this USO tour, but now that I’ve been here for a few days, all I can say is WOW! I’ve met some unforgettable people that are doing so much over here and am looking forward to meeting even more.”

And Mitchell: “I have nothing but respect for our men and women in uniform, and I thank the USO for giving me the opportunity to go out and show them my appreciation. So far, this tour has been awesome, and I can’t wait to return back home and tell everyone about it.”