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Breaking news: Alvarez fails to make weight again but fight will go on

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The fight will go on.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez failed to make the contracted weight of 150 pounds for his fight against Matthew Hatton a second time Friday — weighing 150.4 his second time on the scale — but the sides have agreed to go through with the fight Saturday in Anaheim, Calif., on HBO, according to George Dodd, Executive Director of the California State Athletic Commission.

Alvarez will have to give up 20 percent of his purse as a penalty for coming in over weight, which will be dividedly evenly between the commission and Hatton, Dodd said.

“There is a fight,” Dodd said. “(The sides) came to an agreement and there will be a fight and it will be for the WBC belt.”

Dodd said that the two camps huddled after Alvarez failed to make weight a second time but would not say whether Alvarez had to make further concessions before Hatton would agree to fight.

Another source said that Alvarez did agree to one stipulation: He cannot weigh more than 160 pounds at 3 p.m. Saturday, which is roughly five and half hours before the fight.

Hatton was advised before Friday by some of those close to him — including brother Ricky Hatton — to pull out of the fight if Alvarez came in over weight. Obviously, though, he couldn’t pass up a chance to fight for a junior middleweight title on national TV in the U.S.

Alvarez initally weighed 151.8 and was given two hours to lose 1.8 pounds. He was able to lose only .4 pounds.

“He looked like he had a lost a lot of weight already. He was probably drained,” Dodd said.