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Margarito temporarily suspended

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The licenses of Antonio Margarito and trainer Javier Capetillo have been suspended until an investigation into Margarito’s hand wraps is completed, California State Athletic Commission Chairman Tim Noonan said in a statement.

Margarito allegedly had a foreign substance on his wraps shortly before his fight against Shane Mosley was scheduled to begin Saturday in Los Angeles.

“The substance found in Margarito’s hand wraps is currently being analyzed by the California Department of Justice,” Noonan said. “An investigation as to whether either licensee violated CSAC rules is ongoing.

“Mr. Margarito and Mr. Capetillo have been asked to appear at an initial hearing scheduled for Feb. 10, 2009.”

The statement went on: “The licenses of Mr. Margarito and Mr. Capetillo were suspended pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 18842, which allows for the temporary suspension of a license when such an action is necessary to ‘protect the public welfare.’ CSAC Rule 323 limits the amount and type of gauze and tape allowed under a fighter’s boxing glove. Rule 390 allows CSAC to discipline a licensee when his or her actions are a ‘discredit to boxing’ or violate the rules of CSAC.”

The commission had no further comment.

Mosley’s trainer, Naazim Richardson said the pad placed over Margarito’s knuckles was harder than usual. A doctor on hand reportedly said a flaky substance on the glove reminded him of the kind of plaster doctors use on casts.

Margarito told ESPN Deportes that Capetillo used only tape.

“It's not true,” he said. “What they removed was tape. … It hurts me because I don't want (fans) to think that I won my fights because of a hand wrap. I won them because of my training, because of my sacrifice.”

Margarito’s co-manager Francisco Espinoza reportedly told a Mexican newspaper that the pad in question was created weeks before the fight with a wet cloth that caused the gauze to become hard.