From The Telegraph: Trainers are key in Froch-Groves rematch


In a battle of will and resilience over technique and speed, champion Carl Froch and challenger George Groves will rely heavily on the advice of their cornermen at their blockbuster Wembley Stadium showdown in front of 80,000 spectators.

Coolness under pressure and clarity may well be the key to victory in those all-important 60 seconds between rounds.
Froch was quick this week to point out the importance of his long-time trainer Rob McCracken, also hugely successful as the Great Britain Olympic team head coach.

"Rob has boxed at every level, amateur and professional," said Froch. "And as a professional he fought for a world title. So to have somebody like Rob in my corner, in the build up to this fight, gives me so much confidence and belief."

There is little doubt that McCracken is a cool, calm, deeply knowledgeable presence.

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