Marcos Maidana and Floyd Mayweather Jr. advisors in talks



Marcos Maidana's manager told on Monday that he expects to talk today with Al Haymon, the advisor of both Maidana and Floyd Mayweather Jr., regarding a potential fight against Mayweather.

Amir Khan also is in the running for the May 3 bout. Khan said in December that he already has signed his contract to face Mayweather at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

"We are scheduled to talk to Al Haymon this afternoon, in a few hours, and then, we'll see how things are going. We'll have to talk," said Maidana's manager, Sebastian Contursi.

"I think that they have to make a decision either today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. They have to make the decision. It's up to them. It's always going to be complicated when it involves Floyd Mayweather."

Maidana cited the expected birth of his daughter in mid-March as a reason he would not be ready for an April rematch with Adrien Broner, but Contursi said that a mega bout with Mayweather "would be a different story."

Maidana upset Broner by a unanimous decision to win the WBA's 147-pound title in December.

Mayweather stated on his Twitter account on Feb. 3 that he would allow his fans to decide whether his next opponent will be Khan or Maidana. Khan won the voting 20,105-to-15,474, according to the Mayweather Promotions website.



Contursi also said he was misinterpreted during an interview that made it sound as if Maidana had declared he was chosen by Mayweather over Khan.

"There was an exhibition match that Maidana performed in his native province of Santa Fe. What had happened is that there was confusion regarding a conversation yesterday or the day before in Argentina between Maidana and some reporter that interviewed Maidana. So the reporter asked Marcos about the status of the fight with Mayweather," said Contursi.

"Maidana said, 'I hope that it is me,' and, 'I was told that I have a good chance to be Floyd's next opponent,' and, 'I have faith that it will be me.' That is exactly what he said. But some media translated it the wrong way, and they said something like, 'Maidana was assuring that he would be, for sure,' which is a big difference. That's why we had to clarify it."

Contursi said that he and Maidana did so by issuing a statement on the fighter's Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Photo: Ronald Marinez/Getty Images