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Ward unaimously decisions Froch: Live round-by-round updates

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alt will have a live, blog round-by-round update of Saturday night’s Showtime-televised Super Six World Boxing Classic final as THE RING’s 9-ranked pound-for-pound fighter, Andre Ward puts his WBA belt on the line against WBC titleholder Carl Froch in a matchup of THE RING’s No. 1-, and, No. 2-ranked super middleweights.

Ward (24-0, 13 knockouts) and Froch (28-1, 20 KOs) are battling for THE RING’s vacant super middleweight title.

The broadcast begins at about 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Referee: Steve Smoger (New Jersey)

Judges: Craig Metcalfe (Canada) has it, 115-113, for Ward

John Keane (United Kingdom) has it, 118-110, for Ward

John Stewart (Philadelphia), has it, 115-113, for Ward.




Froch enters the ring first, wearing a black robe trimmed in white with matching trunks as his British fans in attendance cheer amid a smattering of boos. Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is the initial theme song, seguing into “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N Roses.

Ward enters to an original rap song chronicling his life, including the death of his father prior to his winning the Olympic gold medal in 2004. Ward is mostly cheered with a mixture of boos as he wears a blue robe trimmed in white. His trunks are white with blue stripes and red lettering.

Referee Smoger’s introductions end with: “God Bless You Both.”

Ward vs. Froch round-by-round

Round 1: The fighters meet at ring’s center, Ward circles and Froch jabs. Froch’s left hand is low. They clinch, after which Ward lands a left hook. Froch is giving ground. A feeling out round. Ward’s jab lands. Froch misses a wild right. Ward lands a jab. Another short jab and another from Ward. Hard jab from Froch. Ward’s jab is winning the round. Froch falls short with a right and takes a jab. Froch lands a right, Ward, also. Ward wins on the jab and left hooks. Ward, 10-9.

Round 2: Ward connects on an early hook off a clinch. Ward’s hands are held high and tight. Another hard left hook from Ward and another and another. All thud off Froch’s head. Three more left hooks from Ward, the last, briefly driving Froch to the ropes. Froch tries to the body but has to back off after taking another hook. A leapind left hook from Ward lands. Froch gives ground. Froch lands a short uppercut, but Ward’s hook is winning the fight. Two nice jabs from Ward. Right to the body and head by Ward. Froch lands a left and a right to the body buis shaken by a hard left. At the bell, Ward fires and punctuates the action with another left hook. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 20-18.

Round 3: Ward is encouraged by his ability to land the jab and the hook. Froch wings to the body, but not with great effect. Ward’s jab is giving Froch problems. Froch lands twice to the body and then a third time, but Ward goes back to the jab. Ward jabs twice to the body and drives and right to the head. Ward doubles on theleft hook. Froch fires a long right to the body. Ward lands two more lefts around a right by Froch. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 30-27.

Round 4: Ward steps up the early pressure with a right hand and later a left hook. Froch tries to the body, but can not get off much during a clinch. Nice jab by Ward. Another jab from Ward. Another over Froch’s jab. Froch takes an overhand right from Ward. A technical dismalting so far. Froch may need to start a brawl. Action slows during a clinch. On the ropes, Ward pounds away, smothering the taller man. Ward gets off a three-punch combination in the center of the ring. Ward has Froch givng round. Best punch of the fight is a head-swiveling left hook by Ward. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 40-36.

Round 5: Ward tees off with a measuring left hook. A short left uppercut by Ward. Another left hook by Ward off a clinch. Ward backs off to box. Froch comes forward trying to jab. Ward gets off a four-punch combination to the body. Froch lands an up-jab. A hard right from Ward gets home. Up-jab from Ward. Left to the body from Ward. Froch is a step behind. Froch is trying to load up on the right. Nice hard jab from Froch. Nice left hand at the bell from Froch. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 50-45.

Round 6: Ward lands a lead right and later, a clubbing right within the first 10 seconds. Ward’s jab continues to land, as does a hook off the jab. Froch is looking for an overhand right. Ward gets the beter of an inside exchange. Froch continues to misfire with his right. Froch gets off a couple of rights to the body. Ward clips Froch with a right and a left hook and then a left uppercut. Froch is a step behind. Hard left hand rocks Froch to the ropes. The crowd gets into it. Ward nails Froch with two, bell-beating left hooks. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 60-54.

Round 7: Early clinch. Good action early, but Ward gets the better of it. Ward forces a clinch with a hard right hand. Froch appears to be stunned. Ward chases with two hard left jabs. Ward leaps in with a hard left and comes over the top with a right. A double-jab from Ward. They trade jabs. Ward’s jab begins to take control in a close round. Close round, but the edge goes to Ward for being busier down the stretch. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 70-63.

Round 8: Hard jab by Ward. Froch must get going. Nice one-two ending with a hook from Ward. Hard right to the temple by Ward. Nice hard right to the body from Froch. Left to the body and then to the head by Ward. Froch is short on two jabs. Short left hook and a hard right by Ward. Nice left from Froch. Nice hook and followup right by Ward. Froch fires a hard right after the bell. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 80-72.

Round 9: Froch seems poised to force the action, tucking his left shoulder and moving forward in search of the big right hand. WArd forces him to the ropes and bangs away, landing to the body and rising to the head. Froch gets off a five-punch combination. Froch lands a left but takes a left and a right. Froch is looking for a big shot. Froch lands a left and a long right. Another right by Froch. Ward lands a left. Froch, 10-9; Ward, 89-82.

Round 10: Left hook from Ward lands early. They clinch. Froch fights off the ropes. Froch clubs with a right hand. On the ropes, Froch gets the better of an exchange, ending with a left hand. Right hand by Ward over the top. Two more rights by Ward. Left hook by Ward who backs away. Three-punch combination from Ward off the ropes. Right hand from Ward just prior to the bell. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 99-91.

Round 11: It appears that Froch has to go for broke. Ward’s early jab lands as does a hook before a brief clinch. Ward continues to out-speed Froch and then clinch before Froch can get off. Froch lands a right that splits Ward’s guard. But then they clinch. Froch clubs a right to the body. Froch pounds to the body during a clinch. Ward’s boxing. Froch is stalking. Froch can’t get off. Froch lands a nice hook. Froch gets in a right. Left by Froch. Froch, 10-9; Ward, 108-101.

Round 12: Froch comes out winging and lands a left right that backs up Ward. Fight stopped briefly so Ward’s corner can insert his dropped mouthpiece. Froch jabs and fires the right hand, fighting with urgency. WArd gets off a hook. Ward lands a jab. A hook by Ward gets in. Another hook after a right from Ward. Froch gets a left in tot the body. A lead right from Ward. A lead right by Ward is followed by a left. Froch lands a right and then misses with a wild followup. Ward gets off a hook and then another. Ward smiles and lands a left hook. Ward, 10-9; Ward, 118-110. has it for Ward, 118-110.


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Photo by Tom Casino, Showtime

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