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RingTV Press Pass for “The One”


RingTV’s Alan Massengale reports from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas where the final press conference for the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez superfight took place on Wednesday. Massengale spoke to Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather Sr. about the matchup, and to Showtime’s Al Bernstein, who spoke about why “The One” is biggest boxing event in many years.

A fight of the magnitude of Mayweather vs. Canelo doesn’t come along very often. That’s why we’re introducing a new feature called “Press Pass.” The beauty of the internet is we have as much time as needed to bring you video you are not going to see on conventional broadcast media.

While in Las Vegas, we will take you behind the scenes with the media as we attempt to bring you the feel and the experience of a “Mega Fight.” We will talk to fans, celebrities, pundits, prognosticators, fighters (past and present), trainers, officials, promoters, bookies, valets, bell hops, cooks and bottle washers, uh, you get the idea.

We will attempt to bring you to Las Vegas for a virtual experience of the week surrounding a major boxing event. I’ve been covering this sport since 1985 when I was a puppy at ESPN. I have been ringside as a broadcaster and called countless world championship fights as well during those 28 years. Trust me, there is nothing like it in the world. And I also have covered everything from Super Bowls, The Indianapolis 500, The Masters, The Final Four, NBA Finals, The World Series, to well, jet ski racing, beach volleyball, arm wrestling, and wet T-shirt contests. (Actually the wet T-shirt contest was on a voluntary basis.)

At last report, there were over 2,000 media requests for credentials for this fight. One hundred and 50 ringside credentials are being set aside. Judging from the weeks leading up to this fright, every available network “en Espanol” is going to have a huge presence. Not just sports reporters, but news, entertainment, and perhaps the ever popular “weather ladies” from south of the border are flocking to Las Vegas. Why? Because Canelo is “El Elvis de Boxeo”, that’s why.

Even the most jaded amongst a certain sect of stuffy and elitist American sports media will hold their noses and actually cover this event with the acuity and attention it deserves. Now, we realize, for the other 51 weeks of the year in boxing, you can expect the usual indifference and negative snobbery, but that’s another story I feel qualified to address at another time.

The very beauty and essence of this grand sport of boxing lies in its simplicity. There are only two warriors in the ring. Not five on five, nine on nine, or 11 on 11. However, since there are only “two” and thousands of media folks scramble to get a piece of them, it is a most unique scrum. It is a veritable mass of media humanity shuffling and scuffling to get a word or two from Mayweather or Canelo.

Oh, the big boys, ESPN, Showtime, Fox, Univision, Telemundo, etc. will get theirs. My job is to get you, the fan, yours. I’ll take you to the madness and offer my own perspicacious insights and have a jolly good time while we hover around the periphery of “The One.”

My videographer/editor Daniel Morales and I will be putting on our flak jackets, elbow and knee pads and if need be, crash helmets, to get you in there as close as possible. We will have the final press conference, weigh in, breaking developments, and insightful analysis from the world’s top boxing scribes, broadcasters, and practitioners.

And no, we don’t get combat pay. But hopefully you will enjoy your “Press Pass” on Trust me, it is safer to view from your desktop, laptop, iPad, or mobile device than where we will be.

Video / Daniel Morales and Alan Massengale