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From The Archive: Larry Holmes TKO 11 Earnie Shavers


From The Archive: Larry Holmes TKO 11 Earnie Shavers

From The Ring Archive: On this day in 1979, Larry Holmes proved he had the heart of an all-time great when he got up from the canvas to stop brutal-punching Earnie Shavers.

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Slugfest: the story of the epic first battle between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward

The first bout between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward took place on this day, May 18, in 2002. The Ring's...

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Best I’ve ever seen: Bazooka Limon-Bobby Chacon IV (40 years later)

Every so often, I am asked “what is the greatest fight you’ve ever seen?” Because I’ve been a boxing fan...

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After 40 years, Aaron Pryor-Alexis Arguello 1 still among the greatest matchups of all time

Some of the most memorable fights in boxing history are commemorated in large part because of a controversial ending or...

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50 years ago, Muhammad Ali launched a comeback unlike any other vs. Jerry Quarry

They were the most famous heavyweights of their eras, lightning rods for global attention and no small amount of domestic...

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Lennox Lewis remembers Evander Holyfield rematch, two decades on from ‘Undisputed’

“The new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world . . .” No ring announcer has bellowed that phrase in a professional...

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Marvelous Marvin Hagler recalls “The War” with Thomas Hearns

Rivalries in boxing are often connected to trilogies, but Marvin Hagler’s middleweight title defense against the explosive Thomas Hearns was once in a lifetime sporting theater. No sequel required. Hagler told “It was the highlight of my career and I give Tommy credit for being the man he was that night. It takes two to tango and both of us made our mark in the history books.”

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