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New Faces: Alexandre Gaumont

Alexandre Gaumont - Photo by Vincent Ethier (Eye of The Tiger)
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Age: 27

Hometown: Gatineau, Canada

Weight class: middleweight

Height: 5-foot-10 (178 cm)

Amateur record: 23-3

Turned pro: 2021

Pro record: 8-0 (6 knockouts)

Trainer: Marcelin Gaumont

Manager: Eye of The Tiger

Promoter: Eye of The Tiger

Instragram: a.gaumont


Best night of pro career and why: Gaumont is most pleased with his win over Edgar Romero at the Montreal Casino in March 2022.

“I think my most impressive one was against a Mexican, who had a lot of fights,” Gaumont told The Ring. “He had 30 fights and I had like four. It was a great experience for me. I did the four rounds for the first time against a good opponent with no mistakes in the fight. I think it was my best performance.”

Worst night of pro career and why: The 27-year-old went the distance with Mikhail Miller in Quebec City in May 2021.

“I think it was my pro debut, I thought I could get a knockout,” he said. “But the experience played against me, the other guy was more experienced. He did well to avoid my power punches and everything I did.”

What’s Next: Gaumont steps up to face unbeaten Ulices Tovar in his first 8-rounder in front of his fans at the Lac Leamy Casino, Gatineau on Friday.

“I’m really excited for this fight, last year was the same thing here, it was an incredible crowd,” he said. “It gives me chills and energy when I entered the ring. I think it’s going to be the same thing with a lot of energy from the crowd.”

Tovar (8-0, 5 KOs) has been a professional since April 2021. All except one fight – in Colombia – have taken place in Mexico. He bested Christian Alvarado (UD 8) in his most recent fight.

Gaumont will be facing his toughest opponent to date. This fight should give us a little more of an idea on his upside.

Alexandre Gaumont – Photo by Vincent Ethier (Eye of The Tiger)

Why he’s a prospect: Gaumont didn’t have a big amateur career and but has gained experience on the local amateur scene before making the move into the pros.

“It was a weird amateur career, for the first three or four years, I did one fight per year, I didn’t really like to fight,” he said. “And then I got the bug and then I did maybe three other years with a lot of fights. I was going to the national championships but with Covid they were cancelled.”

Since turning professional he has sparred with world rated super middleweights Erik Bazinyan and Christian Mbilli. He has also worked out with two-time world title challenger Steven Butler. However, more often than not he spars with another up-and-comer Christopher Guerrero.

Gaumont believes he has the power to make an impression on the middleweight division. It will be interesting to see how his power translates as he moves through the ranks.

“I think I punch very hard for my weight,” he said. “I try to work on everything else in training camp.”

Gaumont isn’t a blue-chip prospect but he’s a talented fighter, who at 27, has developed his man strength and while not old is by no means a youngster either.

He appears to be getting better and this should be an interesting fight for his development. There isn’t any need to rush him. EOTT will keep him active and allow him to grow at his own pace.

Why he’s a suspect: The Canadian is a work in progress and needs to stay motivated and continue to improve across the board.

To his credit looks like over his last three or four fights that he has raised him game. It will be interesting to see if he can continue to evolve and progress.

He is honest in his assessment of what he feels he could improve on.

“I would say sometimes I go forward too much, if I’m not afraid of the power of the opponent I can be a little bit careless,” admitted Gaumont.

Storylines: The Gatineau native began boxing at a young age but it took him time to really fall in love with boxing.

“I started boxing at four-years-old, my dad had a gym in the basement,” he said. “I always boxed there but just for fun. When I was 15-years-old my dad went to a real gym to coach. I started there to try to fight. I didn’t like it at first but then I got the bug. I really like it now.”

Gaumont combines boxing with a day job in construction, where he is part of a team that installs flooring.

Most boxers want to win world titles but that is something further down the road, first it’s smart to learn to walk before you try to run and look closer to home and set those goals a little lower initially.

“Since I didn’t go to the Canadians as an amateur, I would like to win it as a professional, I don’t know who has the belt,” he said.

His boxing idol is Mr. Excitement himself: “Arturo Gatti, I try not to fight like him too much but I really like him.”

Gaumont is married and has two children. His youngest was born three days after his last fight and is now three-months old. Outside of boxing he is a family man and enjoys spending time with his relatives.


Fight-by-Fight record


June 1 – Piotr Bis – TKO 2

Feb. 2 – Carlos Gallego – KO 1


Dec. 16 – Pablo Polanco – TKO 3

Oct. 27 – Krsysztof Warekso -TKO 1

March 26 – Edgar Romero – UD 4

Feb. 19 – Armando Morales – RTD 2


July 16 – Olivier Tshitumbi – TKO 1

May 15 – Mikhail Miller – UD 4


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