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Deontay Wilder open to facing Tyson Fury for a fourth time

Boxing: WBC Heavyweight Title: Tyson Fury (R) in action vs Deontay Wilder at T-Mobile Arena. Paradise, NV 10/9/2021 CREDIT: Erick W. Rasco (Photo by Erick W. Rasco/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images) (Set Number: X163827 TK1)
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Deontay Wilder is not letting go of his dream.

The former heavyweight champ still dreams of a chance to give Tyson Fury the comeuppance that he feels he deserves, after accusing his British foe of tampering with the gloves that Fury used in their last bout, among other things.

“Most definitely,” said Wilder, 36, who is getting ready to face former sparring partner Robert Helenius on October 15. “I am back, I’m in the division, in the business. And whoever’s here, if they bring a helluva fight, let’s do it.

“I’ve never ducked or dodged anyone,” said Wilder, insisting on his conspiracy theories surrounding Fury’s gloves, his own loss of energy due to the costume he wore into the ring for their last bout, and other. “I am the one who blessed people with opportunities. I am in the business of making money, and I am in the business of making great fights happen right now.”

In the interview, posted by, Wilder claims that he is ready to do it again against Fury right after he defeats Helenious, and not a minute after.

“Let the fighters fight right now!” said Wilder, claiming that his managerial team led by Al Haymon never put any roadblocks to any of his proposed bouts. “We fighters have to come together because we are the product, and we have to grow stronger” to make fights happen, suggested Wilder, even though he didn’t fail to make his disdain for Fury known.

“I could never have a good relationship with Fury,” said Wilder, not letting go off his version of his own private GloveGate. “I know the truth behind that, and I don’t condone cheating.”