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Otto Wallin discusses Tyson Fury-Dillian Whyte and wants future Fury rematch

Photo by Amanda Westcott/ SHOWTIME
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Former Tyson Fury foe Otto Wallin favours the Englishman to extend his unbeaten run with victory over Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium this weekend.

Wallin, who is in London for the fight as part of a broadcast team for Swedish TV, lives in New York, trains with Joey Gamache and fought Fury in 2019 in Las Vegas in a hard and bloody fight that saw Fury cut badly before winning on the scorecards.

“I think it will be a good fight,” Wallin said, of Fury-Whyte. “I mean, we haven’t seen Whyte [in the build-up] so it’s hard to know what to make of it. Fury is the favourite for sure, I think he’s the better fighter, the smarter fighter, the size of him, and I think what Whyte needs to do is come out, be aggressive like he normally is but he’s got to try to cut off the ring and target the body, really. I think that’s the best thing he can do and then, when Fury gets close, don’t let him tie you up or lean on you. Dillian has to come in there, be aggressive, unload on the body and try to hit him with the left hook to the eye that I cut him with. That could open up.”

Wallin was due to fight Whyte last year before Dillian pulled out, injured, and then the Fury fight came along, so the Swede has endured a frustrating period although he’s won three times since the Fury loss, the only defeat in his 23-1 career.

“I think Fury’s going to outbox him,” Otto continued. “You never know with him but he came out here today [at the public workout], was kind of boxing, was light on his feet, southpaw and who knows what he’s going to do on Saturday but if I was going to pick I would say that Fury’s going to come out boxing. That’s his best way and Whyte is not going to be as dangerous.”

Fury called Wallin into the ring to give him his props in front of the crowds in London and when asked about the type of fighter Fury has become under Sugar Hill, Wallin insisted he thought Fury would be better off sticking to his boxing this time.

“I would try to outbox Whyte,” Wallin explained. “Whyte and [Deontay] Wilder are very different and I always felt like somebody was going to come in there and run Wilder over, you just need the right guy and Fury was the right guy at the right time and he did a really good job. He figured out how to beat Wilder, I think Whyte is different because he’s heavier, he’s got better defense and he’s better on the inside than Wilder is. Wilder likes to keep it long and use his power but Whyte is a scrappy fighter, he can be in your face and do better there and that’s why I think Fury’s best chance is to outbox him.”

Wallin is hoping to be out next in June in the USA, although he said he’d happily step in on Saturday night if required and he would like another crack at Fury.

“Of course,” he said. “I’m the one who gave him his hardest fight, except Wilder knocked him down a few times. I didn’t do that but I feel I’m the only guy in his career who gave him a really tough fight by matching his skills.”

He is looking forward to Saturday’s main event, however, and favours Fury to retain his Ring and WBC titles.

“I think it’s a brilliant fight, I just think that Fury is better,” Wallin concluded. “We will see what happens. There’s one other question with Fury… How much has these last fights taken out of him? He had two tough fights with Wilder, the second fight wasn’t as tough but he had the third and the first one and in between he had my fight with him so we don’t know how much that has taken out of him. I’ve been saying [Fury wins] by points all this time but he could stop him. Anything is possible, I don’t want to disregard Dillian Whyte either, I just think Fury is better so Fury on points. You never know with Fury, he’s a man of mystery.”