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Jose Zepeda weighs in on the impending Ramirez-Pedraza clash

Jose Zepeda decks Ammeth Diaz. Photo courtesy of Zanfer Box.
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Two-weight world title challenger Jose Zepeda will have one eye on former opponents Jose Ramirez and Jose Pedraza on Saturday.

Zepeda, who is rated No. 3 by The Ring at 140-pounds by The Ring, lost a razor thin majority decision in a WBC title fight against Jose Ramirez in February 2019. He rebounded to outbox former two-weight titleholder Jose Pedraza (UD 10) in September 2019.

The 32-year-old Mexican-American believes the two will engage in an interesting clash of styles that should make for a close outcome.

“I think it’s a good fight,” Zepeda told The Ring. “It’s a tricky fight, I think Pedraza is the underdog, but to be honest I give 50/50 on that fight.”

Zepeda expects Ramirez to be Ramirez and bring the fight to Pedraza.

“We all know Ramirez and his game plan is to push,” he explained. “He’s a relentless fighter and he’ll keep pushing and pushing until he gets you tired, that has to be his plan from Round 1. I don’t think he can take any warm up rounds, I think he’s going to have to push from the first round so he can get the better of Pedraza in the later rounds.”

Alternatively, Zepeda, who is the WBC mandatory, feels Pedraza will try to keep the fight at distance.

“He just needs to stick to boxing,” said Zepeda. “His boxing skills are good, his timing is good, his stamina is good, if he can box for 12-rounds, he wins the fight.”

Zepeda broke down each fighter in 10 key categories:

Pedraza: I think Pedraza has a more varied jab, his timing is different, it’s not easy to time him. Ramirez has a strong jab but you can time it, you know it’s coming.

Pedraza: I believe Pedraza is a lot slicker.

Pedraza: Maybe Pedraza by a little bit. His timing is good.

Pedraza: Pedraza for sure, 100 percent. Pedraza has a lot of movement and he’s not predicable.

I think it’s about the same.

Ramirez: Ramirez 100 percent. He’s going to look to push Pedraza back.

Ramirez: I think he’s stronger and takes a good shot. I hit him with some good shots and he kept coming.

Ramirez: He’s solid, like a rock. Pedraza is more about his timing, you don’t always see his punches coming, sometimes in boxing it’s the punches you don’t see that hurt. Definitely, Ramirez has a bigger punch than Pedraza’s punch.

Pedraza: He moves a lot, his timing is good, not easy to hit, he’s not a standing target. He can punch from a lot of angles; he’ll keep coming and he will keep moving and sticking the jab.

Ramirez: By a little bit, I think Ramirez. He’s been there with the best, more experience at 140-pounds. Ramirez is a solid 140-pounder. I think Pedraza has adapted to 140 now. That’s why I think it’s going to be a good fight.

Zepeda can see the Puerto Rican’s boxing skills giving Ramirez fits but the non-stop pressure of Ramirez will also curry favor with the judges in front of a partisan Californian crowd.

“I think Pedraza’s style for Ramirez is perfect for Pedraza to be able get a shot [at winning],” said Zepeda. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a draw. I would go with a draw, it’s hard to say.”

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