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Triller-y mood on display at Triad Combat weigh in

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This was a Triller mix of moods on display at the Friday weigh in the day before the first Triller Triad Combat event, which will unfold in Arlington, Texas, and on FiteTV.

That is to say, we saw plenty of combativeness spilling out with a few of the athletes getting feisty and hands-y, and others doing their thing with a chipper air,

Headliners Frank Mir the UFC stalwart and ex heavyweight title challenger Kubrat Pulev looked into each others’ eyes and then melded foreheads as their stare down went long.

Pulev will have to catch Mir coming in, before Frank can get his mitts on the Bulgarian, and dirty box him. Pic by Amanda Westcott

Team Boxing chief Shannon Briggs and Team MMA coach Rampage Jackson stood watch and provided moral backup for their charges, while igniting lil flare ups between each other, which will continue, escalate and turn into a main event of a TC card.

The fighters and their weights

Boxer Brian Vera from Fort Worth, and MMAer Derek Campos did trash talk and escalated it, into shoving and shouting, below, they had to be restrained to head off a premature brawl.

Vera, above left, gave Campos, above right, repping Lubbock,  a pretty hard shove, and Briggs got real alert and put his bulk in between them. Campos answered with a sweeping slap hook, and then Rampage hopped in, to make sure Briggs behaved.

Those two beefed after during a photo shoot together Wednesday, and Rampage posted video which showed Briggs holding a camera tri-pod and brandishing it at Rampage.

Was he brandishing it menacingly, or was there a tongue in cheek vibe in the air?

Menacing or is this skit energy? Hard to tell

Both, I’d say; Briggs knows how to act to get buzz but you could see on his eyes, he wasn’t sure if Rampage–who also knows what buttons are where and need pushing when– was truly in a fighting mood, or was intending to bark but not bite.

My guess is the same can be said for the two who weighed in next. Michael Seals had tiger eyes looking at ex UFC fan fave Mike Perry, who spoke to the tension by tangling up Seals’ left arm, see below in Amanda Westcott pic, while Flores once again reminded the combatants their paychecks kick after their fight occurs in the triangle.

“Those guys don’t like each other either…it’s a small triangle, I’ll tell you that,” Flores announced through a micro grin. “They’re gonna have to fight!”

It must be said, Triller doesn’t skimp, they had Michael Buffer handle the co feature and feature scale sessions.

So Buffer looked on as Pulev and Mir got the measure of each other.

Mir was 269, Pulev weighed 254, they melded brows, and Mir burned Pulev by ignoring a proffered hand.

Buffer noted that Metallica will do a full gig after the fights, and he heard Mir predict that “it’s gonna be a very difficult, long night for him.” Pulev told Flores he’d win and gave a shoutout plug for boxing.

No one asked the fighters what their favorite Metallica song is

Rampage said, “You’re gonna see a lot of boxers quit and complain,” to Flores, and then Briggs said that his crew would be sending MMAers to the hospital.

My hope and guess is that everyone who had to torture themselves to make weight who wanted to went to chow on a monster Thanksgiving spread right after the weighing, jostling and hyping session ended.

SPEEDBAG: If you are curious how this will play out—I happen to think the MMAers will score the team win, because their ability to to nullify the boxers’ offense will be crucial—the package costs $2.99 on FITETV.

Also, if you are curious how these fights are going to be handled for Pulev and Vera and company, no, I don’t believe BoxRec will be adding these contests, with their two minute rounds in a funky ring-cage, to their BoxRec records.