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Adidas Boxing unveils the new TILT 350™ boxing gloves: ‘good for athletes, good for the environment’

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The Tilt 350™ boxing glove, which features a new registered design that helps protect the wrists and hands of combat athletes and is also made from sustainable cactus leather, was officially launched by adidas Boxing on Friday.

Adidas ambassador Jalan Walker, an unbeaten (9-0-1, 8 KOs) featherweight prospect, works the mitts.

The revolutionary technology of the Tilt 350™ Professional Grade Training / Sparring boxing gloves mimics natural human physiology, keeping the wrist in a neutral position, potentially reducing hand and wrist injuries, and increasing the punching power. Also, the Tilt 350™ boxing gloves are made from cactus leather – the world’s first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus.

Tilt 350™ Training Gloves will be available for purchase at adidasCombatsports.com and retail stores beginning November 1, 2021. Retail partners can be found on  www.adidascombatsports.com/tilt.

“We believe in leaving a big footprint in the ring yet a small footprint on the earth,” said Christophe Dessalles, Managing Director, adidas Boxing. “With the Tilt 350™, we have created not only new environmentally friendly boxing gloves, but we have worked with leading experts to develop a new glove line with a new design that allows proper knuckle alignment and maximizes hand support and strength. We feel it will be a gamechanger in the Sport in protecting the athlete’s hand and provide improved punching ability. In addition, we are excited to expand our partnership with Desserto – the maker of Sustainable Vegan Leather in Mexico, to offer more eco-friendly sustainable products.”

Key facts about the Tilt 350™ boxing gloves:

  • The glove’s design mimics the human fist in its natural position, providing a better angle for the fighter
  • The glove design keeps the wrist in a neutral position to reduce the chances of injury and increase the punching power
  • The glove maximizes the foot-to-knuckle energy flow
  • The Tilt 350™ is certified “green” and made from sustainable cactus leather in a carbon-neutral environment
  • The glove is a one-piece design that improves backhand and wrist support

Quotes about Tilt 350™:

Trainer Robert Garcia and Hector Tanajara

World Champion Trainer Robert Garcia said, “this glove is a real game-changer. Not just because it is sustainable and recyclable, but because of the hand position it provides. The new design provides more support for the fighter’s wrist and hand, which has a lot of power. I like the design – it’s a nice-looking glove – but I also like the padding. Adidas has made a powerful glove that is going to be key in my training program as well as my boxers.”

World Champion boxer Jamel Herring said, “technology plays a huge role. It plays a huge role in terms of safety and terms of advantage. The Tilt is easy to slip on, and they’re comfortable. With the design that molds around your wrist and forearm, your hands feel secure, and you can throw hard punches without really feeling them.”

Adidas Ambassador and MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Former World Champion MMA and Boxer Anderson Silva said, “the center point of the Tilt is how the new design is a great fit on your wrist.  But adidas didn’t stop there, they took superior impact-absorbing foam and added that to the Tilt and created a glove with the kind of innovation that can move the sport forward. It protects and powers your punches, and on top of all of that, you have an environmentally friendly vegan leather glove. So, you have a product that is good for the athlete, it’s good for the sport, and it is good for the environment.”


For more information, go to adidascombatsports.com/tilt and follow @USBoxing on Instagram.


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