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Press Conference Quotes: Daniel Dubois and Tommy Fury will debut in the US

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DANIEL DUBOIS AND Tommy Fury faced the media today to officially confirm their forthcoming appearance on the Showtime PPV headlined by Jake Paul and former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, live on Sunday 29 August.

For their US debuts, Dubois takes on Joe Cusumano, with Fury going into battle with experienced MMA fighter Anthony ‘Pretty Boy’ Taylor in a light heavyweight contest.

Below is a selection of quotes from today’s event from promoter Frank Warren, Dubois and Fury.

Frank Warren
This has come about for two reasons. One, Showtime have been onto us constantly about Daniel coming over to the States and making his debut there. Simultaneously, the situation was developing between Tommy and Jake Paul, with them calling each other out, so Tommy called me a couple of months ago and said if you can make that fight, let’s do it.

We worked hard at it and it basically all dovetailed into place. It seemed like a great idea to get them both on the card over there, one for great exposure for both of them, then from Daniel’s point of view to break into the American market and from Tommy’s he will be sitting at a table with Jake Paul so he can’t run away from him.

If they want this fight, and Tommy does the business over there, there ain’t nowhere to go. You can’t keep calling people out and not doing it. It is something that I know Tommy wants badly and we’d like to see it and I won’t step in his way, even though I have made various comments over the years about YouTubers. I’ve got no problem with anyone who gets fit and well to get into the ring and God bless them for doing so, but now is the time for fighters I am promoting to capitalise on this.

This is a big chance for both of them to make a statement, increase their visibility in the States and move forward, provided they do the business at the end of this month.

I go back a long way with Showtime – many, many years – and we brought Naseem Hamed and Joe Calzaghe, along with many others, through on Showtime. I was instrumental in getting the ShoBox series going over there. We were doing regular shows back here that were being broadcast over there, with the likes of Ricky Hatton. This may be the chance for us to re-engage and do that again. They have a massive audience over there and there will be a lot of eyeballs on this show and it will attract a new audience for our guys.

Hopefully, with Showtime, we can get another platform for people to see all our fighters.

Daniel Dubois
I feel good about this and I have been waiting for the chance to get over to America and make my debut. Now it is finally here, I can’t wait. I want to go over there to make a statement, come away with a good win and then see what is next. It is definitely the chance to show them a future world champions and I have made some changes to my team and I am ready to get back up there again and challenge for big belts. I want to be back in the firing line.

We will see how I look after more time with Shane McGuigan but in the gym I have been looking different and better. Now I can’t wait to show it all on fight night. I will be 100 % ready for it, while underestimating nobody, and will get the job done.

I am sure Joe Cusumano will come and bring his A-game and that is what I want because it makes a better fight. We will clash in there and the winner takes all. The name Daniel Dubois will crack America now.

Tommy Fury
It is a big show and I am very happy to be on it. Now it is about making my own way in front of a new audience that is not the one we normally get. I am over there to do one job and one job only, and that is to win and look good doing it.

I want to impress in America and get my name out there even more. I just see excitement around this fight and I can’t wait to get over there and take everything in. From being a small boy I used to see Tyson in his fight weeks and saw everything. Now it is my turn and I am over there in the limelight and it will be my fight week.

I am there to steal the show, get this idiot out of the way, then we can move on to the other fella and knock him spark out. If I get the opportunity to knock this fella out in 10 seconds I will take it with both hands because it is the fight game and I am not here to mess about. If Jake Paul then goes running, he goes running, but I am there to do a job and if he wants the fight he can have the fight.

I am going to get through this man, I am gonna make an example of him because I wouldn’t even use him as a sparring partner. I am a big light heavyweight and he is gonna know what it feels like on the night.

I think me just walking to the ring outperforms Jake Paul. The man is not a fighter, he is a YouTuber and I’m going to show the difference in levels between MMA fighters and professional boxers.

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