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Life is crazy 2021

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For plenty of folks, 2021 has been disturbingly like 2020, as the road forward has been dotted with more speed-bumps than hoped for. Heather Hardy, the 39 year old Brooklyn boxer who thought she’d be getting back in a squared circle April 23, looked at the calendar flip from December into January with a mix of hopefullness and optimism. And when last month she got vaccinated, well, it seemed as though that upbeat POV was warranted.

Then, speed-bump, and busted axle…

“I had some vaccine complications and needed to pull out of the fight,” the 22-1 fighter, who reps the famed and fabled Gleason’s Gym in DUMBO, Brooklyn, told RING.

Heather Hardy at Gleason's Gym in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY.

Hardy in Gleason’s. She is back to training after getting Covid…or so it seems, even though she tested negative five times, despite showing many of the typical coronavirus symptoms.

“I was battling every symptom of Covid for over two weeks, and while five of my tests came back negative the doctors are pretty sure I got Covid between vaccinations.”

Let’s pause to mull that, and make a point. First, it’s crucial to note, Hardy didn’t “get Covid” from the vaccination. That simply doesn’t happen. Scientifically, it’s an impossibility, actually.

“You can’t get Covid from the vaccine but you can CATCH it between vaccinations,” she noted.

But, so strange, so in keeping with the 2020 vibe, it sure does seem like she had Covid, but why then didn’t she test positive?

It’s unclear.

“I was too sick for it to be anything else….and since I lost my taste and smell, it rules out almost every other virus,” the fighter explained. “I have no clear ties to anyone with Covid, wasn’t exposed to my knowledge- so the entire experience has been very strange. I can produce five negative tests. Fucked up!”

It’s a skeptical age we are in, many people don’t trust authority. So, there is no shortage of persons who are not keen to get a vaccine, or trust what the government says. That makes sense–but trusting scientists is a pretty safe bet, usually.

OK, so is there a new date to aim for?

“My promoter Lou DiBella expressed last week that he would be moving the show to a date in mid to late May, but I haven’t heard back so not sure if/when anything is happening. Was back in the gym as of Tuesday, just in case! Life is crazy 2021.”

Melissa St Vil (13-4-4), Heather Hardy and Ronica Jeffrey (17-1-1) at Gleason’s, where they are part of a vibrant and supportive community.

For the record, Hardy last gloved up on Sept. 13, 2019, so yes, she’s chomping at all the bits to get back to active status.

And one thing Hardy is certifiably great at, processing and commicating what it all means from a practical standpoint…How has she handled the lunatic detour?

“It sucked,” the single mom of a high school age daughter stated. “I don’t have sick days at work so I had tons of time where i didn’t work, so no money came in. Of course every night I wondered if I would be rushed off to the emergency room and hooked up to a ventilator. Didn’t know what was wrong with me- i was all alone, wondering what would happen to Annie. I’m usually pretty healthy (knock wood). Now here i was for almost two weeks bed ridden, unable to work with no idea what was wrong with me. But, we keep on Mike Woods. Thank God I’m healthy, can’t complain about a thing besides allergies at the moment and hoping to hear some fight updates from Lou soon!”