Thursday, September 24, 2020  |


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Tourist Information Podcast: Dave Zirin


Welcome to Tourist Information: Insiders looking out and outsiders looking in from the world of boxing, a podcast hosted by noted writer Brin-Jonathan Butler.

Dave Zirin

Brin’s latest guest is Dave Zirin, an American political sportswriter. Zirin is the sports editor for The Nation, a weekly progressive magazine dedicated to politics and culture, and writes a blog named Edge of Sports, a weekly sports column. Zirin is also the author of 10 books.

Says Brin: I’ve been a fan of Dave Zirin’s work exploring the intersection of sports, culture, race, and politics for a long time. We talked about him covering Muhammad Ali’s funeral, the conflicted legacy of Kobe Bryant, OJ: Made In America’s impact on sports documentaries, Michael Jordan’s controversial amount of control in shaping The Last Dance, and the strangeness of Mike Tyson’s continuing cultural presence.