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Claressa Shields responds to Marlen Esparza: ‘Worry about your own career!’

Claressa Shields continues her winning ways. Photo by Stephanie Trapp / SHOWTIME
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Boxing’s self-proclaimed “Greatest Woman of All-Time” has a message for Marlen Esparza.

“Marlen needs to worry about her own career and not mine,” said Claressa Shields, the two-time Olympic medalist who has unified titles in three different weight classes.

Esparza (7-1, 1 KO), 30, of Houston, Texas, told The Ring earlier this week that Shields was disrespecting the sport and its fighters by claiming to be the greatest.

“I think it’s disrespectful how she talked that trash to Seniesa (Estrada) and lost by a wide margin.”

Esparza lost a ninth round technical decision to Estrada last November at MGM Grand in Las Vegas when she was unable to continue due to a head-butt that opened up a huge gash on the hairline above her forehead. 

Shields questioned her character.

“In 2014, Esparza said that there were no professional female fighters that were good,” she continued. “She won’t even fight (former flyweight titlist) Ava Knight.”

Shields (10-0, 2 knockouts), 25, of Flint, Michigan, said that Esparza should not have an issue with her stating what she believes to be true.

“I am the GWOAT and I box better than you,” she said. “I’m focused on my own career and my own life, as she should hers.”